Monday, May 09, 2016

Monday 9th May 2016....just one of those great days(again)!!!

Beautiful sunny and warm morning and I just know it was going to be a good one and after reading this let me know what you think!!!
I had a little road trip planned to Betty's Bay about 35 km away along what is classified as one of the best coastal roads in all of South be the judge!!

Does not have the huge monolith rocks of the Oregon coast but really lovely!!
 I like this one with the wispy cloud formation!!

It was a great drive, no traffic and a perfect start to the day....
At Betty's Bay I went to these wonderful gardens!!!

I paid the entrance fee which included a deposit and a key for a gate on the trail but I have to jump ahead now because when i was having lunch on the mountain I took out my receipt and money and realize two things..first of all the girl had short changed herself I gave her 100 Rand not and she gave me back 1 x 50 2 x 20 and 1 x 10 but the second thing I found out just shattered and deflated me!!!
I thought it could possibly get any worse but i was so wrong......this time this young lovely lady did not say "Are you a pensioner"  NO worse that that!!!!!  She just assumed I was and charged me a senior rate!!!!!
How do I deal with this??????
First the trail goes through the lovely gardens I can image in summer they are overflowing with color!!

I like it when I find a good reflection shot!!

I then started on the path up to the mountain...

This was the sign at the gate I had to unlock...from here it was all uphill but a lovely hike through forest with the sound of the river echoing through.......I came upon one waterfall

 Then another waterfall and still going higher!!

 Up this ladder to another fall..
 and finally the end of the trail and the big waterfall to high to get into one frame...

Some lovely mountain scenes!!

 You know how I enjoy yellow arrows...
 I took a different route and climbed some more
 and had lunch with this view..
When I was leaving the gardens I went to the kiosk and told the lady that she had made a mistake with my change and that she had short changed herself..she checked and sure she had and shocked me by giving me 50 Rand back saying that was just a deposit on the all it cost me was 15 Rand..just over one Canadian dollar..OH she thanked me so much for giving the money back and I immediately used the local lingo and said, "my pleasure"!!

It was a great three hours!!
Still in the town about 5 minutes away is

 I love this shot below it reminds me of a day years ago walking in some small Mexican town following two nuns in the black habits and at one point they leaned together and I got a great photo!!!!
 and believe me they do howl like that!!!

 After the colony I went for a short walk on the beach!!

On the way home I passed this spa and a massage felt like a really good was a very classy place and I asked first if they had an opening and then if they accepted Visa and thirdly could I get a shower and it was a yes to all three.....I was shown to a lovely bath area with a shower and a steam room with great soaps and shampoo and I had a long shower and then a bath robe and a locker was provided and then I met Sholie a lovely young lady who proceeded to give me a wonderful relaxing two hour oil and rock massage..I told her about my neck and shoulder that still gives me a little reminder every day and she worked a little on that.....just what I needed and only 600 Rand, really inexpensive!!
 I was home just after 5 pm and had a meat pie and salad for supper, did not need the bath tub tonight and now after this time for a movie.
Larry sent this to me a great clip!!

History in 2 minutes.                                                                     
This is worth the two minutes A quick lesson in History!
Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction.
He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes.
Joe took pictures from the internet; added the sound track "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey and came up with this. 
Incredible work for a 17-year old.  Just finding the pictures was a formidable task.
Hold on to your seat. This moves fast.
Don't blink -- not even for a second -- & sound on


I leave tomorrow and get closer to Simon's Town where I start a house sit on Wednesday so tomorrow another airbnb close by for the night!!!

Yashi Kochi!!! 

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