Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday 17th May 2016...a novelty..a photo less blog!!!

As I thought the week has almost come and gone and still there are places I want to see so I spent a bit of the morning on the front deck in the sunshine making some bookings for the next week....I can only go out for so long otherwise my girls get antsy......tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler and some slight chance of rain so I think I will take the day to use the Hop on Hop off bus around the city including two free guided walks.
I also have to get serious about my first month in England and just to show you how easy it is I checked on the house sitters site that I use and came across a house site close to Exeter, which is where I intended to spend a few days and I found a house sit close by for 6 days so I applied and then Skyped the owner and I have been accepted for the position...so that will break things up for me the owners have three trained border collies and they live way out in the country but close to walking trails and cliff top beach walks so perfect for me.
This is a run down of my tentative plans for the next month.....
I leave South Africa on 26th May and arrive in London the next day where Janet and my Brother will meet me they are going to France in their caravan for a month so have arranged to come to London and we will have three days together including we hope the big game date on the 28th May...I have booked an airbnb 4 miles from their camp site...when they leave to go to Dover to cross the channel on Monday 30th May, Anne is coming to pick me up and I will stay at her home till the Friday when I pick up my rental car and go tour southern England till 25th June when I return the car and stay at Anne's again for the weekend before taking the train to J & M in Hull at the end of June.....
So who is this Anne????
Well let me tell you we were all raised in the Salvation Army and Anne was my first "girlfriend"!!!!
I think we were 15 years of age...my memory of things back then is very limited and I do not really know what happened to us... I know a few years later I left for Bermuda and then eventually  Canada....but about a year ago I get an e mail from this lady, Anne, telling me that she wanted to come to Mexico for a holiday so Googled Mexico adventure holiday and one of the sites that showed up was my blog...I guess she read a couple of posts and enjoyed the writing and then went back on the blog and then she saw a photo of me and realized who I was..she contacted my brother for my e mail and here we are going to see eath other for the first time in probably 50 years..what a small world!!!

Around lunch time took the girls for a long walk and then into the next town for my afternoon of great tennis...it was hot, which I like and I played 5 good sets...I really do enjoy my tennis and feel so blessed to be able to do the big hike I did yesterday and then be on the courts for nearly three hours...stopped at the grocery store on the way home...jumped straight into the bath had a light supper and now getting ready for the BIG GAME....
My brother's team and he and his family will be at the game to support his beloved HULL and I shall watch on the TV here....
As I explained on Saturday they are already up by three goals and just need to limit Derby to two goals and they win.......More later got to watch the game!!!


Hull City 0-2 Derby County (3-2 agg)

Andrew Robertson's own goal made it 2-0 to Derby

Hull City set up a Championship play-off final against Sheffield Wednesday despite losing to Derby County in a thrilling game at the KCom Stadium.
Trailing 3-0 from the first leg, Derby took an early lead when Johnny Russell poked in before Andrew Robertson's own goal doubled the advantage.
Chris Martin almost levelled the tie after the break but his curling effort was palmed away by Eldin Jakupovic.
But Hull held off relentless pressure to reach the final on 28 May.
Victory for Steve Bruce's men at Wembley will see them return to the Premier League at the first time of asking after relegation last season - a feat also achieved by champions Burnley.
Derby will spend a ninth straight season in the Championship.

Well that was a bit close BUT...
I am going here on Saturday 28th May......my first visit and very excited even though Hull are playing Sheffield Wednesday, the city I grew up in I have already promised my allegiance to HULL!!!!

Sad to say terrible scenes after the game had finished with fans swarming onto the field lighting flares the club should get a huge fine for that behavior!!!!

Wembley Stadium exterior
Wembley was designed by architects Foster + Partners and HOK Sport (now known as Populous) and with engineers Mott Stadium Consortium, who were a collection of three structural engineering consultants in the form of Mott MacDonald LtdSinclair Knight & Merz and Aurecon. The design of the building services was carried out byMott MacDonald Ltd. The construction of the stadium was managed by Australian company Brookfield Multiplex and funded by Sport England, WNSL (Wembley National Stadium Limited), the Football Association, the Department for Culture Media and Sport and the London Development Agency. It is one of the most expensive stadiaever built at a cost of £798 million (After the MetLife Stadium)[11][12] and has the largest roof-covered seating capacity in the world. Nathaniel Lichfield and Partnerswas appointed to assist Wembley National Stadium Limited in preparing the scheme for a new stadium and to obtain planning and listed building permission for the development.[13]

Wembley Stadium interior
The all-seater stadium is based around a bowl design with a capacity of 90,000, protected from the elements by a sliding roof that does not completely enclose it. It can also be adapted as an athletic stadium by erecting a temporary platform over the lowest tier of seating.[14] The stadium's signature feature is a circular section lattice arch of 7 m (23 ft) internal diameter with a 315 m (1,033 ft) span, erected some 22° off true, and rising to 133 m (436 ft). It supports all the weight of the north roof and 60% of the weight of the retractable roof on the southern side.[15] The archway is the world's longest unsupported roof structure.[16]
A "platform system" has been designed to convert the stadium for athletics use, but its use would decrease the stadium's capacity to approximately 60,000.[17] No athletics events (track and field) have taken place at the stadium, and none are scheduled.[18] The conversion for athletics use was a condition of part of the lottery funding the stadium received, but to convert it would take weeks of work and cost millions of pounds

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Carol said...

You should watch Last Tango in Halifax (which I think I mentioned to you before) before you get to England!! It's on the BBC and a really great show and especially appropriate for you! :) It's on Netflix or you can also watch it for free online... ps... I'm going to look up more about Just Nuisance.. what a great dog he must have been... keep an eye on Storm... hahaha She is going to miss you I think.

mexicokid said...

I dont have Netflix but will try to it on line..I am finally making headway with Storm she is just playful and follows me everywhere...have a great day hope the classes are going well take care les

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....