Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday 15th May 2016......a sobering day!!!

Off this morning into town following my trusty GPS and I arrived at the waterfront in time for my tour of this township!!
Connar was out tour guide
not only does he live here but his wealth of knowledge was wonderful....
There was a family of 6 Danes on the tour and I picked this day because it includes a visit to one of the churches and to listen for a short while to the service!!!
 We were warmly welcomed into the church and service was almost about to begin

 The Pastor was very charismatic and in no time had the audience me included on our feet clapping and swaying to the beat of the music and the incredible gifted voices....
I really cannot explain how I feel because in my opinion this is how praising the Lord should be, joyful, happy and loud!!!!
We quietly left and then Connar took us on a walking tour through the streets which ranged from houses like this
to this
It is complicated the system here and I am not sure I fully understand it but as Delwin told me thousands of people came here with the promise of jobs, education and housing so many it got too overwhelming so I believe I am right in saying the people that live in these shacks are just waiting for the time when they are allotted a better home like one of these
Connar took us to his home where he lives with his Mother, pictured below
and three other family members all in one room, there is a communal bathroom and fridge and they pay 20 Rand not even two dollars a month for the room....
As it was a beautiful sunny day the families took advantage to get the laundry done
as you can see the kids were wanting attention

As it was Sunday the street were busy with vendors

This was an amazing experience for me to see and be in this neighborhood and I honestly have no idea how these people have managed not only to survive but seemingly to be happy and friendly.
I was then dropped off at the Waterfront dock

At last a view of Table Mountain without cloud....
I then boarded this ferry to go to visit Robben Island!!!

It would be easier and much more informative for you now to go this web site
and spend some time reading all the informative!!
On the Island we were put onto a bus with an excellent guide

for a little while we drove around the Island..this is the limestone quarry where Nelson Mandela and other prisoners worked every day except the weekends
 They even had tennis courts for the guards, my kind of courts, no nets!!!

and this is the single cell where nelson spent his time in prison!!!!
After the bus dropped us off another guide met us and took us into another part of the prison...all the time the information was just astounding and then finally in the last room he had us sit down and then it was that we learned he was imprisoned here for 9 years!!!
I shall not forget this day!!
After a wonderful day I was home in time to take the girls out for a long walk and then sit and enjoy watching Andy finally beat Novak in the final of the Rome masters tennis!!!!!

No soccer tonight but it starts again the bath tub awaits!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It will take a long time for things to get to normal in South Afrika. Mind you, define normal... I see smiling faces...
It sometimes overwhelms me that just because of the place where you were born determines your life...
A bit of a scrambled sentence, but you get my drift.

I will check the link you posted.

mexicokid said...


Croft said...

Yes, like you say, a very sobering day for you as it is for me to just read your comments. I remember watching the news reports of the white police walking through the Townships with their clubs and water canon... I vividly remember my tears on the day when Nelson Mandela walked free! It was the day I ended my personal boycott of everything South African.

mexicokid said...

i am still coming to terms of life here for all the races..i sure that the government can sort it all out and make life as fair as they can for everyone cheers les

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....