Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Tuesday 3rd May 2016.........the rest of the story!!!!

Before I start with the day here is the CHAMPION!!!!

I told you on Sunday about Heather completing her first ever marathon...well done so proud of you!!!

Some of my readers have asked me about the rest of my 1980 marriage story featured on yesterday's blog..well it is a slow day so here it is...

When we moved to Canada the day after we got married it was hard for Connie to be away from the small island of Bermuda that was her home and where her parents and friends lived and also where she had a decent job with the Air Canada.........On arrival in Canada I immediately began working for her brother he owned a large grocery store and he taught me the ropes and I became the manager working long hours.
The girls were around 13 and 15 years of age and adapted very easily to school although both of them did develop some serious behavioral issues which followed them into young adulthood.
I think a combination of me working long hours, Connie being home sick and the issues with the girls and our marriage began to go south...I will not get into all the nasty details but in 1982 I filed for divorce which turned into one of the ugliest fights I have ever been involved with and I came away with no assets and no money but a single man once again......I started to re build my life and became a Canadian citizen and everything turned around for me leading me to where I am today.
I have no regrets it is a chapter in my life that happened and I can talk about it and then put the book back on the library shelf.
I have no idea what happened to Connie and the girls my last contact was in 1993 when  was informed of Connie's Father's passing.....I hope they all managed to make a success of their lives!!!

OK enough of that let me tell you about today!!!
I had a really lazy morning..breakfast outside on the deck watching the ocean and also the small hummingbird that was buzzing around the lavender plant but much too fast for me to get him on film!!
I then read and did some computer work before round noon getting set up for a couple of hikes.
The first one was here

The hike was all up hill to the tower where the views of the ocean and town were quite lovely

 Now a lot of my females readers, well that may be a little overstated, maybe only one, have really enjoyed the naked photo I posted of myself the other day and have asked for more so I must oblige...
Here you go....
This was a good workout and my next hike was about a 7 km drive away and starts here on the beach
 right at the end of the peninsular is a house hard to see above

 now you see it and that is where i am headed to see this lagoon
what made this walk so interesting was the noise of the waves on the pebbly beach
 It really was a thundering sound as the waves crashed in the pebbles moved but when the waves receded the noise was like a really loud growl I had to sit and listen for a few minutes!!
I got home around 5pm and my hosts invited me to their house for a Braai(BBQ) which was really good i am very lucky to meet such wonderful people everywhere I go.....
Now home and it is 9.30 pm and just like last night I have to leave you to watch a live soccer game from Germany...
Tomorrow is another moving day getting closer to cape Town!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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Jeannette Lewis said...

There are some really wonderful photographs here. You live in such a beautiful place! I think we'd all walk a great deal more of we could walk someplace so lovely! I know exactly what you mean about the sound of the ocean back and forth over the pebbles on the beach. I could nearly hear it as you described it.

Jeannette Lewis @ Welcome Pack Canada

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

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