Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday 12th May 2016...Relax, tennis, relax!!!!!

It is really nice after I wake up and take my girls out for a walk to come home get some breakfast and go out on the front deck with a wonderful view of the ocean and the mountains and take it easy!!!
I know from many previous trips that when you arrive some place and you have what you think is an extended time there and lots of time to see and  do things well that just is not true because the days creep up and soon you are trying to cram things in....
So this morning I did some planning and made a few bookings for some pretty cool stuff later next the heading suggests I am enjoying relaxing and reading and just catching my breath after all this moving around..I also realize that it will be in one week the day I left San Miguel one year ago what a quick and wonderful year!!!
I took the girls around to the park and then went into town for an afternoon of tennis!!
I played 5 sets and I enjoyed everyone of them.....they play the same way in New Zealand when I was at the club there ...only using two balls and the net does come right down to the ground both these things to me do not make sense but it is their home so I just follow and had really good games....the club is nice with six courts and all the men are very friendly and I only pay 25 Rand each time.....
On the way home took these photos of Simon's Town...

 Maybe tomorrow I will take Storm down town for a closer look!!
Sue left me her library card and I went and got a few books out including a couple on England.....funny the word for library in Spanish is very similar!!
When I got home I got busy in the kitchen
and I learned quickly I have to be careful leaving food out with you know who around
she is so playful and fast...
I did enjoy a long soak in the tub and for those who think that I cannot go a night without watching a soccer game let me tell you that you are so wrong..I did NOT watch one tonight!!!!

Instead I watched
I mentioned that two days ago it was Daniela's 14th Birthday and my friend Paula sent me this photo today taken off Daniela's Face book page...
Dani is in the red top I cannot believe how much she has grown and become a young woman!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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