Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday 24th May 2016..so what do you do when rain stops you from playing tennis !!!!

Of course you watch tennis on TV!!!!!
I always thought that Vancouver Island weather was unpredictable and could change in an instant but this Cape weather beats that..from this morning we have had sunny clear skies, torrential downpours, gloomy low clouds you name it we had it.....so my last game of tennis here was rained out and I did not even go to the club and I am sorry I missed saying good bye to the guys they were all very kind to me and I had some great sets......Did some laundry and some sorting out as tomorrow is my last day at the house here, Sue comes back tomorrow evening and then I go the the apartment I stayed in two weeks ago close to the airport and I fly out on Thursday.
Late afternoon I took my new hiking shoes back to the store..I had worn them around the house and they were just not right..they gladly refunded my money and then as luck would have it on the way home I found a Croc store and bought myself a pair of real Crocs...I know they are the ugliest shoes ever but they are so comfortable and next to the store was a small sports and I went in and guess what he had????
Water resistance New Balance hiking shoes and in my size, a great price and now I am a happy camper or I should say a happy hiker!!!
Just a quiet evening at home with my girls!!!

It is not very often that I get a bit miffed but I did this evening and I am going to tell you about it, perhaps miffed is not the right word BUT if in another life I was the Manager of the Manchester United soccer club, which happens to be the richest and most prestigious club in the world, this is what I would do...

but first you need to know what I am talking about...

Remember on Saturday evening I was watching a soccer game on TV and the power went out??
That game was the  Cup Final, similar in standards to the Super Bowl or the World Series in the States...anyway one of teams playing was Manchester United....it was a great game played before 90000 fans at the stadium in London where incidentally I shall be attending this Saturday with my family.....back to the game....The score was tied 1 - 1 after regulation time so they go into a 30 minute overtime and that is when the power went out.
On Sunday when everything was restored at the house I knew from the news that Manchester United had scored a goal in overtime to win the game and the famous cup!!!
It was not till this evening that a saw a high light reel of the winning goal.
I must say it was really a wonderful goal one of the best and with 3 minutes left on the clock sealed the win.....so here is where I get mad....the scorer of the goal was jubilant as well he should have been probably the best goal of his career and as soon as it goes into the net he dashes to the corner of the field taking his team jersey off and throwing it on the ground and then proceeds to accept the accolades of his team mates and the fans!!!
Is it just me but does any one else see how dis-respectful that action  of throwing his shirt to the ground was???
I was always told it is not the name of the back of the shirt that counts(meaning your name) but the name on the front(the team name)!!
So if I was the manager of the team I would call him into the office after a while and the celebrations have died down..I would have told him how proud I was that he scored a fantastic goal which gave our team the victory and then I would tell him the act of throwing away his shirt will never happen again or you will not play for my team again.  Then I would put him on a plane for Los Angeles and tell him to spend 24 hours with Wayne Gretzky(if you do not know this name please Google him) and you will come back a humbled and better man!!

OK I feel better now....

My hot bath calls!!!
Yashi Kochi!!


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