Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday 7th May 2016.........a late afternoon hike!!

I just took my time doing everything this morning and it felt good not be packing up and getting on the road...the winds are still a howling but it is not cold yet but will be when the sun goes is almost time that I start some early planning for my trip to England at the end of this month so I did some work on that this morning......did some reading and then a late breakfast and then got ready for my afternoon hike.
I found the start of the hike I wanted and you had to pay a fee

I went into the small office and the lovely young black girl at the desk changed my life irrevocably for ever!!!

I delight in going to places and asking when I pay for the seniors discount but that is me asking and of course they say yes but I know what they are thinking...oh my goodness this hunk of a man does not look old enough to be a senior.....BUT
Today this young lady smiled at me and said those words no man ever wants to hear!!!!!
"Are you a pensioner???"
I was devastated she asking life is over...I may as well go sit in the pub and eat chips....even the savings of 10 Rand did not cheer me up!!!!
BUT being the OLD man that I am I decided to still do the hike and it was lovely...first through some lovely smelling forests

Then it was by the side of your soon to be favorite wines!!!

Going up the views kept getting better all the time...

No need for any comment on this sign!!!
I went so far up and then decided it was time to come back down a different way...

Came across these kids playing fun games!!!

and I stopped here for a rest and a snack!!

A very tranquil site...

I enjoyed the hike and I then went to Gordon's Bay to walk on the beach but the winds were blowing and cold so gave up on that!!!

It was a good day and after a hot bath and dinner and doing this I am going to settle and watch a movie!!

When I stayed with Sonja and Delwin In Kruger national park he showed me a video clip he had shot a couple of years before which I thought was the most amazing thing I had seen of a wild animal especially one as elusive as this and I told him he needed to put it out there on You Tube and he is the link it is a little graphic at times but what a thrill for them to have witnessed this!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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