Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday 27th May 2016...back 'HOME"!!!!

So we go back to yesterday morning and I had my fruit and yogurt on the patio of my small apartment with this as my view!!

Showered, shaved and in my new shirt ready to leave for the airport!!
Said goodbye to my wonderful hosts Mo and Elred and took the car back to the drop off centre at the airport...this car the same as the one in New Zealand and Australia served me really well..I put on many miles and all trouble free.
I walked to the departure terminal and I had nearly 4 hours to wait for my flight and I saw a long line at Economy check in..I was not sure if I could check in this early for my flight and I did not feel like getting in line and being told no so I walked to the first class check in there were no passengers there and just a man behind the desk....I told him I was not line jumping but asked him the question about the big line and my late flight and he told me I would have to come back after 1.30pm and then he said where are you going and I told him he hit the computer and told me that i had very little time in J'Burg to make my connection and then he said give me a minute.....he looked on line and told me he could put me on an earlier flight leaving in one hour and I said that would be great and asked for an aisle seat in the exit row, they have extra leg room and he said no problem.....he even checked my suitcase all the way to London!!!
The flight was just under 2 hours and uneventful with this nice view
My next flight to Dubai and then onto London was with Emirates so I went to their check in and and asked if it was possible to have an aisle seat in the exit row and again I got lucky with both flights....I really did not have to wait long before I boarded and I got the seat I wanted but not only that the flight was full except for one empty seat was just happened to be next to me so I had an aisle seat, extra leg room and no one next to me!!!!
This is really a classy airline and they had a camera mounted somewhere either on the nose or the cock pit because on the screens we saw the aircraft barreling down the run way and lifting off, very cool!!!
The 8 hour flight was not a problem I am a bit of a seasoned traveler and I had all needed in a small bag under my seat I did watch a great movie which I recommend called Fathers and daughters starring Russel Crowe and a most delightful 8 year old girl who was beautiful and very talented and the movie was a gripping encounter of real life proportions!!!
The food was good and plentiful as were the top ups on water and juice and 8 hours later at 5.15am this morning my first touch down in Dubai...went through an immigration inspection  and then had 90 minutes before my next flight...we were held in a restricted area so I could not get out to take some photos only this inside the terminal
So I boarded my third flight and I do not know how long this run of mine can continue the exact same seating situation aisle seat, exit row and an empty seat next to me.....This plane was huge and I asked how many passengers it could hold and was told 517..just incredible.....again good food I do not sleep on planes so i spent a bit if time walking and stretching and really the time went quite quickly and I was landing in London!!!!!!
Jane and Malc were there waiting for me and great to see them both again it has been nearly two years since I was last in England.....
J & M are travelling with their caravan as on Monday they drive to Dover and then across the channel to visit France for a I had booked an airbnb stay 4 miles from where they were parked in a trailer park.....They dropped me off at the house and I met Heidi, my hostess, the room is small but lovely and has all I need....
I had a shower and a cup of tea and Janet and Malc came back for me and we drove to their trailer or caravan as they call they over here...
So I not only name my own stuff but I do it for other people and the caravan brand is a Stellar, so when we traveled together to Europe 4 years ago I named the Caravan Stella!!!
Another tradition started by my Mum and continued by Janet is that when ever i come home always there are a batch of Wingies waiting for me and no surprise to me that Janet had made a dozen and I guarentee they will not last long!!!
Tea and a Wingie..
The sun was shining and we sat out and caught up a little what is nice now after getting dark for me in South Africa before 6 pm is that it is light till 9.30 pm.
Janet made a delicious supper
She knows I love Yorkshire pudding!!!
My lovely family!!!

It was a great reunion!!!!
After dinner and sitting and relaxing I hit the wall and not sleeping for over 24 hours caught up to Malc drove me back to the house and now after sorting my case I am ready for bed!!!!

So another adventure begins in my home Country and starting with a huge soccer game tomorrow afternoon ..we are all going to the 90000 capacity National Stadium to watch what is being billed as the richest soccer game ever played and my Brother's team Hull are playing ironically the team from my home town Sheffield a huge day and Malc and Janet, their two sons Mark and Andy and Mark's son little Tom are coming to...I say Little Tom he will soon be 12 years old and I look forward to seeing them all!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Kevin Read said...

Nice...welcome "home"!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Welcome home! Dinner looks like a real rib sticker.

mexicokid said...

thanks a good home cooked meal my kind basic and tasty cheers les

Claire_Houlihan said...

Hi Les,
I've been replying to your emails but not sure if you're getting my responses as I keep getting mail delivery status fail ping back emails. Agh! So Washington is on the south coast, west of Brighton and north of Worthing. It's very small! Claire

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