Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday 19th May year later and almost calamity!!!!

So this morning one year ago I left behind one of the most photographed churches in Mexico
and this is a map of my drive that first day!!!
about 850 km!!!
So here I sit a year later in South Africa with many countries in lucky I am!!!
This morning was still raining crossed with sunshine but I could not find a rainbow!!!!

So this morning Bella
and Storm
played their usual game where Storm tries to sit on Bella and she for a small dog has a really loud bark..normally it goes on for a few minutes and I tell them to stop and they do but not was noisy and so I got Storm and put her outside in the back yard, something I have done often.....about 20 minutes later I went out to let her in and Storm......I have no idea how she got out of the yard but I frantically searched the neighborhood and eventually found her about two blocks away a kind lady saw her and knew her and brought her into her house....The lady also told me that Storm often runs away, something I did not know..I thanked her and brought Storm home and I looked outside in the back yard but could not see where she got out!!!!
This afternoon was my time here

Perfect weather and another 5 fun sets!!!
Do you like the George Clooney 5 o'clock shadow!!!
Supper then a nice long bath and then..and then....then...what NO soccer!!!  What is a guy to do???
Entertained myself with some reading, planning and a movie.....
Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

Lucky! Losing a dog would not look good on your resume!

Carol said...

Wow... so glad you got her back, ANNND that you learned her dirty little secret so you can prevent it from happening again! I wonder if she went OVER the fence? She sure is a beauty, a handful, but a beauty...

mexicokid said...

yes so right dog lost does not sound great!!! No the fence is too high but she is so adorable just young playful and always after my food cheers les

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