Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday 16th May 2016....just like DORIS!!!!

My Mum...Monday's was wash day the only difference is that she used to iron everything as for me the last time these hands held an iron it was a number 3..that is a you get it???
You can see I am a chipper this is a lovely sunny clear day and my plans for this morning were take things easy so after I got the clothes on the line and had some breakfast sitting on the front deck....oh yes breakfast this time I did have toast but whilst in the toaster the front door bell rang and I went down stairs a wrong house came back upstairs a total of maybe 45 seconds and my buddy Storm had somehow got the toaster off the counter out of the plug onto the floor and my toast was as they say toast...she sure is quick but another good lesson for me......she is a delightful dog who has bonded with me.... follows me everywhere and waits outside the bedroom, bathroom door for me....but she needs some training which I am slowly doing but food and her is another issue!!
Around 1 pm after I took the girls for their walk and I  then went for mine...from the house I walked into town and then up a steep hill to here
I knew at this time of the year there would be no water but a hike into the canyon looked interesting...
 Right in the middle of the above photo you can see the feint path into the canyon
 This is the first little waterfall
and this when in season is where the water cascades down....
here is a shot from the internet what it looks like in the rainy season..
Pity is looks great!!
The view of the town and harbor are great from this vantage point..
 It may not be a Kruger big 5 but still a good sighting for me I think!!!

Close back down on the path is another sign
So who is Just Nuisance??
Well down by the harbor there is a statue and a sign that tells all.....

So I decided to do the hike up the steps
and I counted them all 394!!!! A good workout....those are not ski lift  pylons but

A tired boy reached the top and the grave

 This shot below reminds me of the hills I climb back in San Miguel..

 Love this view had a bite to eat and used the great zoom on my little camera!!
It was a great work out I was gone over 4 hours.....
Got the girls their supper then my own followed by a bath and now almost finished this as the big game starts in 20 minutes.....the winners of the soccer game tonight will if my Brother's team win tomorrow meet in the big final which I am going to attend!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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