Monday, May 02, 2016

Monday 2nd May 2016...a stroll down memory lane!!!!!

Around 1 pm in a beautiful garden setting in  Bermuda 36 years ago today this man said those words "I do"

To this woman...who also said "I do"

Instantly I became the third husband(OK OK NO nasty comments)) and the "Father" of two young teenage girls and the next day we left Bermuda and arrived in a small Ukrainian town called Smoky Lake about 120 km east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where we started a new Paul
Harvey would say "you will have to wait for the rest of the story"!!!!......Suffice it to say the marriage lasted a very short time and I divorced Connie and started my new life in Canada which I think has turned out rather well!!!

Delwin sent this below to me really interesting reading and the kid was so lucky!!!

As a matter of interest we received notification of a young 5 year old child being dragged off by a leopard from outside their bungalow at a place called Ntsiri which borders on Ingwelala. You would have driven past the airfield on the right just a few kms from Ingwelala on your way out to Hoedpruit.  This happened on the 29th April. Fortunately the father saw this and chased after the leopard who then dropped the child. Fortunately it took the child by the shoulder and not the neck but you can see the claw marks on the base of the neck with the teeth mark just behind the armpit.

  Sorry could not get the photo to load!!!                              

Just goes to support the advice that you don’t look after your children in the bush, you guard them!

OK onto today......left at 10am as I only had 40 km to drive and arrived at my cottage for two days and a lovely place it is!!!!

 The view from the balcony

and to the right
 and of course the house rules!!!

I am the first airbnb guest for the hosts Corrie and Alwin and they have the cottage looking great with everything I need, safe parking and walking distance to the lighthouse and the little town... a perfect place for a couple of days...but it is not all play there is work to be done!!!

After I got settled In I packed a light lunch and went to visit the lighthouse of Cape began in 1847 and today it is the second oldest working lighthouse in SA...the design was based on the ancient lighthouse of Pharos and is constructed of limestone...the views are quite wonderful...

 Towards the small town and a zoom shot of my cottage...

From the lighthouse there is a boardwalk to a very special place!!!

 I had to wait about 5 minutes to get a shot without any other people in and of course everyone wanted their photo with this sign and they all stood up right and know the kid has to be different...

What can I say I am an absolute show off!!!
After this point there is a track to the next item of interest...

 and as it sits now
 I had my lunch here and my imagination ran wild thinking about those men on this ship and their fears!!!
Next up was this hike!!
 It was along the coast and I had the constant companion of the the thundering waves!!!

Very Pretty!!

I was home by 4.30 pm and put in the oven a chicken and vegetable casserole and then read and I notice when the sun goes in that is gets quite enough for me to get my long sweats and shirt out!!!!

The supper I cooked tasty really good and I froze two more portions for another day...had a great shower and now it is almost 9 pm and I am afraid I have to leave you there is a very important live soccer game from England due to start...Yes I have my priorities.......

Hope you enjoyed these ramblings of mine!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Kevin Read said...

We enjoyed thhat area as well.

I wanna hear the rest of the story!

mexicokid said...

you will have to wait for a rainy non activity day................les

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