Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sunday 8th May 2016...Mother's Day!!!

This I think is my favorite day of the year.....a day when I take it upon myself to praise and say thank you to all the MUMS out there........
Not wanting to sound like a Willie Nelson song but I have had and continue to have many women in my life and many who have touched my life and made me a better I just want to say hello to them all out there and that also includes those ladies that I have a friendship that are not MUMS still the same message thank you and I appreciate you all being in my life!!!

Of course there is one special MUM I want to tell you about my Doris!!!!!  When I used to call her Doris she just smiled and called me Leslie which is something I did not like to hear......she was a one of a kind and caring and compassionate and lovely person and Malc and I were lucky when it came to getting a MUM!!!!!

My Mum and her three sisters....Top row first in the red Connie, Mum, Winnie and Blanche!!

Isn't she a beauty??
My first official day as a Police officer!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!
Well overnight the wind packed up and went somewhere else and the morning was sunny lovely and warm and I was off by 9 am for another hike..this time here
 Good job they did not have a senior discount for admission otherwise I would have heard those fateful words from yesterday!!

 That is where I am heading to the base of the mountain so I do not have to tell you it is up hill!!!
A nice sign at the base of the hike I think to give you inspiration!!!!
The trail was pleasant and the views just kept getting better and better!!

Still going up!!!

and up!!!
This shot above is of the mountains on the other ridge!!

The path now leads around the base and eventually back to the parking lot.
It was a real good work out about 11 km and I enjoyed it all!!!
I was back at the house by 2 pm and just relaxed and read, enjoyed a long soak had some pea soup for supper and now going to watch another movie........

MEN......make sure your woman has a great day!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Thank you for your good wishes Les!! The sign at the trailhead and the majestic mountains you saw today reminded me of an old, old saying:

Mountains are forever old
But always new,
To those who find in them
Refreshment for the soul!


mexicokid said...

nice thanks hope you had a great day les

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