Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday 14th May.....UP THE ULL!!!!!!!

I will explain that heading later in this post!!!
This is a little different shot from yesterday morning at the same time and location, the front deck!!
Yet the
sun was shining on the mountains from the back deck!!

No that is not what I had for breakfast toast is the sad state of my hiking boots!!!
In this last year they have seen a few countries, walked a few miles, got very wet and have served me well but it is time.....
So I Googled New Balance Stores and found one about 25 km away so that is where I headed after doing my usual morning doggie chores.....
With my wide feet and yes my ugly cross over toes I have found New Balance to be the best shoe for hiking and for tennis and have used them for over ten years.
My GPS found the store easily enough after heading through these roads with the low cloud formations!!!

Would you believe that in a store with over a 1000 pairs of shoes not that would be suitable for me they were mainly running I will have to go to Plan B if I had one.....stopped at the store and home by 1 pm for a very important date with the television!!!
This was the big game that i wrote about yesterday my brother's team in action....well it started slowly but then it got interesting as his team they are called the Tigers and they are from HULL, hence the blog post title....they easily won 3 - 0

which means when they play the same team on Tuesday night at home all they have to do is stop them scoring three goals and this little kid is going to his visit to the big stadium in London!!!..I mentioned yesterday how important these games are financially for the winners what I did not know was how much so...but during the game the commentators said that the winner would reap the awards of over 200 million pounds!!
371567843 Canadian dollars!!
287180000 US dollars!!
4424137131 Rand!!
Really unbelievable figures!!
I called my Brother to congratulate him and his team.......then took my girls out for a walk and when I came back i put on my almost toasty boots and walked about 15 minutes to here

This breed of penguin is the same I saw last week and here is an article about them and the area!!

Each year, around 60 000 visitors flock to Simonstown to photograph and watch the the famous Boulders Beach penguins. Few visitors though, realise that for all their amusing antics and endearing appearance, African penguins are increasingly endangered.
The story of the African penguins at Boulders Beach is one of remarkable urban colonisation, but the species as a whole faces many threats and these aquatic flightless birds are listed as endangered.
African penguins used to be known as jackass penguins, because of the braying sounds they make. The birds breed in colonies stretching from southern Namibia to Port Elizabeth.
The story of this penguin colony in Cape Town started in 1983 when a pair was spotted on Foxy Beach at Boulders. The birds came to False Bay from Dyer Island. At the time, False Bay was closed to commercial fishing. For the newcomers, abundant food and breeding sites meant the African penguin population at Boulders soared.
Almost three decades later however, Boulders Beach penguins are in trouble. Cars, people and competition for breeding sites has seen penguins trying to nest in unsafe environments, leaving their nests exposed to predation and the elements. Climate change has affected fish stocks, and increased severe weather incidences have depleted penguin chick numbers.
The penguins are particularly vulnerable to humans. From the time of the first Dutch settlement at the Cape in 1652, penguins were an invaluable addition to the settlers' food supply. As a result of oil spills and declining food resources, African penguin numbers have decreased dramatically, from millions in the 1930s, to under 1 200 breeding pairs now.
Boulders Beach remains the only place in the world where one can get up-close to African penguins. Penguin viewing is made easier by boardwalks that traverse the beaches and an information centre, which is managed by South African National Parks (SANParks).
Years of over-fishing, pollution, egg predation by seabirds, and guano scraping of their preferred nesting sites has left Africa's penguins in peril, but there's hope.

In a bid to curb the continued loss of chicks, and provide a safe breeding environment, Boulders Coastal Park management has introduced artificial nesting boxes. And, thanks to conservation initiatives by the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, and SANParks, Simons town's precious penguins may yet survive to swim another day.
From here I walked to
I have no idea why they called it that do you??

It was clambering over the rocks..all this beauty so close to the house.....
This evening is a quiet one and I have done some more planning and I have to myself ready for a big day hints check in tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

I guess it doesn't matter much anymore where you live. We have put most of nature in danger including ourselves.

I wonder how many kms you managed to put on your hiking boots and shoes over the last year?

mexicokid said...

So true...lots of great miles they have served me well cheers les

Unknown said...

G'day Champ,

I still come here and check out your journey, so good to see you traveling all over the place. As odd as it sounds, I miss you lol, even though I only spent a few hours helping you. But good to see its all going well for you. be good.

Jason (Harvey Norman)

mexicokid said...

thanks I will always remember your kind help cheers L

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....