Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday 5th may 2016....a pretty oh hum sort of a day!!!!

Well I did have a good sleep and just took it really easy this morning having breakfast outside when it warmed enough to do so and then went onto the computer to finalize my South Africa plans the house sit now starts next Wednesday in Simon's Town which is about 35 outside Cape Town and is supposed to be a really nice town and the house looks nice with ocean views!!!
Next on my list was so laundry as there is an outside line here to hang the clothes in the sun!!!
I think that 14 km hike yesterday took a lot out of me as I have no energy this afternoon so I just went outside in the recliner they have and read and had some light lunch.
I wanted to get a different angle on the sunset today so I drove about 12 km to a place called Danger Point where there is a lighthouse..but the road ends abruptly about 500 yards from the lighthouse and no way to access so sorry no sunset shot tonight!!

Back home the long shower and had one of the meals I cooked and froze the other day and 9 pm approaches quite fast and you know what means ....yes another live soccer game this one from Liverpool....I am enjoying my soccer games on TV......

So there you have it my boring day!!!

Did I forget anything??

Oh yes...I remember now I did go here

 and watched the boat being taken into the ocean
 and getting on and away we went at a quick pace
 This bird made three attempts to get the fish
 before he was successful!!!

After about 15 minutes the captain stopped and turned off the engines and my first sighting of a Great white shark!!!!

 Then it was time to don the wet suit and booties and mask and into the cage....yes I really got into that cage!!!!

Words are hard to describe the feeling of being there looking at this monster knowing the damage he can cause!!!!

Going for the bait he actually bumped into the cage a feeling of wonderment came over me oh and yes a tiny bit scared!!!!

The before shot!!!
 Still calm afterwards!!!

There were 16 people on the boat and 8 went in the cage in two was a moment that ranks right there with the elephant in Kruger, the grey whales in Baja and the turtle in Mexico....
We came back and had something to eat and it was three hours of rushed adrenaline and fabulous memories///

Saving the best till the last!!!
I took this shot when I was on the top of the boat!!!!

Does not look real does it????  BUT I assure you it is and even if I say it myself what a shot!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!!


Paul A. said...'re braver than me. Way to go!!!


mexicokid said...

It was something to remember especially when he bumped the cage..cheers les

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