Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday 23rd May 2016...Hop on Hop off!!!!

Today although cloudy and a bit cooler was my day to do the Hop on bus tour and I drove about 30 minutes towards Cape Town where I could parked the car and got on the bus
 As you can see it was not busy but it did get more passengers further along the route
As the weather was not great I decided to fore go the walking tour at 11 am and do the the three bus routes instead.....the first one is by the coastal road
 This is the oldest working lighthouse in South Africa!!
 Neat how I managed to get the bird in the shot of the light!!!
Then it was down town

I really think it is great the kids are in uniform and I love that the girls all have their hair braided reminds me of SMA!!
 One of the colorful down town markets..

This photo above is an area called District is worth a Google to read the sad history of this area and the people that lived it is mainly all weeds and grass and only a few minutes out of the down town core!!

 Very colorful flower and fruit stalls!!

This is the hospital where Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant!!
It is a shame the weather did not allow the walking tours to go ahead I would have enjoyed those but the weather turned really ugly on the way home..
 It went from clear blue sky in these shots
 to this a few minutes later!!
You will be happy to note that I shall not be writing this week "I settled in to watch a live soccer game"  No matches forecast so what can I do?????

Of course the French Open started yesterday so watching tennis instead!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Very cool pictures you're posting Les. I bet it is a very nice part of the world. Someday soon, very soon we may be doing the same thing. As we say in Spanish, saludos! Keep posting.

mexicokid said...

It is a lovely place to visit and I have met great people and experienced such magical sights..put it on your list the locals are just like the Mexican people so kind..cheers les

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

The hop on hop off buses are a great idea! We enjoyed that is both Paris and Barcelona... Will Google area 6 now.

mexicokid said...

they are a great way to see a new city..yes really sad what happened in that district cheers les

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