Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday 10th May...you know it is a good day when you do this!!!!!!

Back on the road again this morning but only a short journey maybe 70 km......I was finally getting close to my house sit tomorrow and on the Way to Simon's Town I stopped at the airport to get an extension on my car rental the original date of rental was the 16th May so I now have it until I fly out on the 26th May......
On the approach into Cape Town I took this shot
 That is Table mountain in the background with a blanket of cloud covering.

Delwin forwarded this information below for me to try to understand the shacks...

When you get closer to Cape Town you will see on the approaches to the airport thousands of shacks. These have been erected by thousands of squatters who have migrated to Cape Town from the rural countryside in the Transkei. Cape Town is a Democratic Alliance (one of our more sensible political parties) controlled Metropole together with the rest of the Western Cape. This fact irritates the ANC Government no end and they are trying to get the votes swung in their direction. The people that reside and live in the Transkei are all ANC aligned supporters and is a huge strong-hold of the ANC. So the ANC has been encouraging the citizens in the Transkei to move to Cape Town where they will find jobs. So they come streaming in but there are simply not the jobs available so they have to live in absolute poverty and squalor – but the ANC has achieved its objective in getting votes into the province. Khayelitsha has trebled in size over the past 10 years because of this practice which is so unfair on the people who believe that they will have a glorious existence in Cape Town once they have left their Transkei. Most of them are poorly educated. This overpopulation is now a huge problem for the local government there. A bit of political insight for you.

As Delwin states there were so many of them!!!

I had a bit of time so i drove by the house i am to house sit and it looks lovely with ocean and mountain views.
I did some research and in the next town to where I am staying 9 km away called Fish Hoek there is a tennis club so i drove there around 1 pm to see if there was a chance I could get some games in and 5 minutes later I was on the courts!!!

It turns out on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays they have men doubles in the afternoon and the members were very friendly and welcomed me and I only get to pay 25 Rand each day which is just over 2 Canadian dollars...I was really happy to be back on the courts...the standard was good and  I look forward now to Thursday afternoon.
After tennis I found my apartment for tonight ...in a really nice area and the first floor apartment is very nice with everything thought of....

 My balcony
 and my cool view from the balcony!!
So my last airbnb in SA and it is a very well appointed and new apartment...my hosts had put some juice, milk and bread in the fridge...all of this for only 38 Canadian dollars!!!!

I enjoyed my shower and some soup of dinner and now settling down to watch another live soccer game from England!!!!

Today is Daniela's birthday she will be 14 years old and I hope she knows that i wish her a wonderful day!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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