Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday 22nd May 2016....WELL that was some 24 hours!!!!

Long post and you will see why as you read on....
Somethings tells me today is some sort of special day but I cannot for the life of me think why!!!
Anyway I think you need the usual liquid refreshment and a comfy seat!!!
We have to go back to Saturday morning and I woke up feeling good but just a tad lazy so I spent the morning on the front deck reading, watching the horizons, thinking(I know dangerous) and making some final plans for the next few days......
After taking the girls for a nice long walk I came home and decided to go to the Mall, how often do you hear a guy saying that????
The prices here are so reasonable I took the opportunity to buy some shaving and toothpaste stuff...
Back home relaxed and then at 5 pm went down to the local wharf as I had booked a 2 hour moon lit kayak paddle...

There were 5 girls and myself plus the owner ...the boats were doubles so I partnered with a lady called Vanessa and I gave her the option of front or back and she wanted the back and away we went...

It was so nice to be out on the water you get a totally different perspective and also get to see this submarine..

The sky was lovely but the moon did not come up till later due to some clouds so these are not good shots..

We managed to stay afloat and keep dry..

It was a great time and the sea and kayaks are always important to me.
I was back home in time for the FA Cup Final from the stadium where I shall be next was a great game that went into overtime and just as the overtime was to commence off went the POWER!!!!!!!  It was after 9 pm so totally dark!!!
I found some candles and lit them and looked out the window at the neighborhood and my house was the only one in the dark!!!!
I went into the garage and found the fuse come on people you have to be impressed I know what a fuse box is!!!!!!!
They all looked OK but there is a computerized box next to the fuse box.....I did not know what to do as I had no phone no Internet so I went next door and introduced myself and asked if there is any thing different here about the power and the lady told me yes it is pay as you go!!!!!
She showed me her box and the read out of the output she had left and she told me I could go to the corner store about 7 blocks away and buy more power...I thanked her and got in the car and went down and spoke to the owner of the store she was very helpful but told me I needed the card with the number on to get a renewal.....back to the house and look around no card...and I thought maybe the number is the owner's cell number which I had...back to the that didn't work so she took me in the rear of the store and showed me her box and where the serial number was.....back to the house...are you still following this????
Absolutely no serial number on my box but being the ex detective I did see a small receipt stuck behind the fuse box that had numbers on....back to the store with this and the lady said great..she then asked how much power did I want and I said I have no idea give me 200 Rand worth so she entered it in the machine gave me the receipt and showed me the numbers I needed to punch in and I gave her my credit card..she looked at me and said sorry it is only cash for the power've got it back to the house for my cash and back to the store but I only had 120 Rand in cash so got a new receipt and away I go finally I hope for the last time from the store.....
Punched in the numbers and right away the power comes back on...almost...I mean some of the lights did come on but the fridge, micro, TV Internet bed side lamp no power...I looked at the fuse box it was after 11pm by now and thought to heck I am going to I did.

Now we are into Sunday and I got up did the girls walks and food and back downstairs to the fuse box and saw two main green switches were down and they should be up..but they would not stay up.....I called a friend of the owner and Sue came around with her neighbor Basil who took a look and realized there was a problem with those switches which he fixed right away.hit the switches they stayed up and all is back to NORMAL!!!!!!Thank you Sue, Basil and next door lady!!!
After a while I packed up and went in the car to here for the afternoon...

These few shots are on the spectacular drive to the park

I paid my 125 Rand entrance fee and this is what I saw first!!
not sure what the little brown animal on the left is..I bet Delwin will know!!
Just enjoy the views they are picture postcard perfect!!!

The hike was about 5 km and just so delightful!!!
Yes I built that myself!!!
So in this shot above you can see if you look closely the first lighthouse halfway down the cliff it was considered too close to the ocean and rocks so they built the second one on the cliff top!!

After the hike I drove through the park and you have to wonder what is happening here obviously I got here just after the tour bus!!

Now you know

and eventually no one behind the sign
A pretty wild coast line
I just love this shot it is close to the entrance to the park!!!  The colors, the sky and the tree!!!

I took a different route home and again lovely scenery!!
It was a lovely outing!!!

Had a light meal a lovely long hot bath and now settled down to Watch live England V Turkey!!!!

I think I figured out what is special about the day!!!!!

My 68th Birthday and yes the cake was delicious!!!
Thanks for this above from P & J and this from my "Used to be favorite niece!!!!"

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Happy birthday! Prepaid electrical!? That's pretty crazy...

mexicokid said...

Thanks....yes never heard of that before it is OK if you know about it cheers les

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