Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday 25th May last full day in South Africa!!!

Hard to believe I arrived on 28th March and now time to leave...I am sure in days to come I shall  tell you about me feelings for this country but it has been a wonderful time for me and I have to mention Sonja and Delwin they invited me into their home and lives without knowing me and treated me like I was the King of England thank you so much not only for the 7 days of animal spotting but also the route you designed for me to arrive in Cape Town.....the very slight fears I had of getting Malaria and being unsafe here were completely unfounded and all I found were kind, caring and lovely people!!!
I shall not forget the Victoria Falls ever!!!  I shall never look at, read about, watch on TV or anything remotely connected to Elephants without reliving my inter action with "MY" elephant..the Great white shark cage diving was a bit unnerving but nothing compares to the "thrill" of abseiling down Table Mountain!!!
So for my last day after doing the girls things, food and walks, I put on my new hiking shoes and set out for a beach walk..come along, no comments necessary enjoy the last walk with me!!!!

 Let me see if I can still use the knowledge that Delwin gave me about identifying tracks..
 I think this track is from a youngish handsome man in his early 60's with graying hair at the temples he is travelling in a left direction in his new New Balance comfy hiking shoes!!!!!  How did I do???

It was a great start to the day and as you can see just a glorious day..on the way home I stopped in town at the local Barber shop and got a good 60 Rand hair cut...what do you think??
 Came home and started my house hold chores and two hours later the house looked great, I did a load of laundry, cut the grass and packed up my stuff..Sue was due to arrive back around 6.30 pm....I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a thrilling tennis match from Paris!!!!
As I was waiting for Sue to come I received an e mail from her telling me that I could leave as she would would be a little while and to put the key outside...this is not the way I would have ended the house sit but that was her choice so I never got to see her to tell her about stuff and about the dogs being a lot of work.
I then left the house and drove to the great little apartment that I stayed in two weeks ago, it is very new and wonderfully laid out, the kind owners Mo and Elred invited into their home for tea and a chat, I enjoyed that thanks!!
Had a real nice shower and going to try and get an early night....
It will be a couple of days before I blog again.....
My itinerary is I leave Cape Town at 4pm tomorrow afternoon and 2 hours to J'Burg, with a 90 minute lay over and then an 8 hour flight to Dubai with a 2 hour lay over and then a 7 hour flight putting me in London at 12.30 pm on Friday afternoon where Janet and Malc are picking me up!!!!

Thanks South Africa!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Gourav Gupta said...

Seems like you enjoyed alot. Really happy for you. And that's really cool pics. After saw some of your pics i think you need the hair transplant surgery to cover your baldness. you should think about it.

mexicokid said...

OK once was enough if you want to comment on the blog that is fine but the rest is not acceptable do not be the first one to be banished from here cheers les

Samantha Marshall said...

Safe travels Daz thinks you look like Mally with your short hair cut ☺ Enjoy your few days with mum and dad 'Up the Tigers'⚽⚽ xx

mexicokid said...

I am happy if i look my lovely brother..thanks enjoy your holiday and UP THE HULL!!!!! UNCLE les

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It was great following your adventure in Africa. Thanks for sharing. Now looking foreward to "Old Blighty".

living.boondockingmexico said...

Looks like the last day was a good one. Great pics. Safe travels.

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