Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday 29th May 2016.....a family day!!

Heidi my hostess at the house is away for a couple of days but she kindly left me food for breakfast and afterwards I went for a walk around the town..
This lovely old church is only two minutes from the house...
Just after 11 am Malc came and picked me and we went back to the caravan and had morning tea and a chat and I just want to let you know how well prepared we Pearson boys are...this is my Brother's sock collection for his month's trip to France.....go on count them!!!!
The caravan park where J & M are staying is lovely and there are lots of walks in the area and after lunch Malc picked out a walk and away the three of us went through some lovely Farmer's fields..I wish I knew what the crops were...

We then came upon this lovely church which dated back to the 1100's.....

 This mural did not make much sense to me until you read the brochure and how it was almost painted over and that all the figures and representations are about the tree of life and the seven deadly sins..

Of course we were lucky enough to pick the only church that has afternoon tea and cake!!!!
The walk was lovely not many animals
 Beautiful flowers

 Arrows and below me taking photos of myself remind me of my Camino days!!!
We were gone almost three hours and it was great!!!
Janet does what she always does at supper time..effortlessly producing a great dinner and I do what I always do...the dishes!!!
Before Malc brought me back to the house we do what we always do at night play a game of Scrabble and Malc was the King tonight!!!
Janet says he has not put the Hull sign down since the victory yesterday!!!!

It has been great to have this time with my family tomorrow they leave for France for a month and I start my tour of Southern England but first staying at Anne's house till the weekend.......a few days I wrote about Anne...we were high school sweethearts and have not seen each other in nearly 50 years so lots of catching up to do!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Congrats on the Hulll win!!! And just want to say Janet and Malc look so great... nice to see them again! Tell them "Hi!", Cheers... :)

mexicokid said...

will do they are very special have a great day les

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