Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday 31st march 2014……a lot accomplished today!!!

Spent the morning doing more clearing out and cleaning as my maid was coming this morning and I had her wash all the carpets and shower curtains and she will come again on Thursday to do a final clean before Stella arrives.

I have not been to yoga for a couple of weeks now and I have my reasons so this morning I decided to join Linda at her water aerobics class at a lovely gated community pool about 14 km outside of town…..the pool and the gardens are quite lovely and there were 8 of us in the class which I really enjoyed….now ladies prepare yourself for the next shots!!!!




I came home and Scott from downstairs spent some time with my trying to down load an e book on the Camino!!!

At 2pm I went to get Paola and took her to her meeting with a counselor I had asked if I could stay for part of the meeting and have some things I wanted to say to Paola translated…anyway without going into details she is doing OK her Grandmother who lives in Mexico city was really sick and she went there which is why she was not home on the occasions I went for her……I gave her some Birthday gifts and told her I would be back in August… it was nice to have that memory of her for my trip and this photo..


If George Clooney can have a 5 o clock shadow so can I!!!!!!!

I then did some chores in town and then came back home and got my last lesson for my class prepared and off I went to my last English class…..I printed off an interesting article which we talked about and then I told them how so proud I was to have been their teacher and that they are all so wonderful!!!!


I have invited them all to a really nice restaurant this Wednesday where I will treat them to dinner and a drink to celebrate their graduation in a few weeks time and I am happy that with the exception of Rebecca who is taking her daughter to the airport in Mexico city they are all coming.  I have told them that the restaurant is a good one and the menu is in English and Spanish and that for all the evening we will only order in English and talk in English and if they speak Spanish they have to ay me 5 pesos..they are all excited to come and I am thrilled to be able to help celebrate with them.

Can you believe it a whole day and no sports watching for me.

My great tennis star Ashley underwent a long surgery today and I want to wish her and her family all the very best for a speedy recovery….best wishes ASH!!!!!!


Also Paula and Jerry left Mexico yesterday they went in a convey and my friend Chris posted this shot on his blog..


That is  them in front.!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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