Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014…….sunny again!!!

My morning started with 2 hours of great mixed doubles tennis at the “nice” club with Carolyn and the lovely couple from Vancouver island…the games were really good and we even managed to win one set this time..afterwards they treated us to breakfast at the the club and that was wonderful.

Did some chores on the way home and also dropped my visa application off at Silvia’s house she is going to process it for me and hopefully it will not take more than three weeks.

I was home in time for lunch whilst watching live tennis from Indian Wells and then at 2pm I had an appointment here..


I have a couple of little spots and lumps that need to be looked at…The Doctor was very thorough and she attended to one wart on my leg and three spots on my back.  She did find a very dark spot under my arm that I did not know was there and to be safe she did a biopsy on it and then gave me a couple of stitches and wants me to come back in two weeks.  For all the treatments and the biopsy results she charged me 3500 pesos…I just have to apply Hydrogen peroxide for the next few days.

I then went to get my car and stopped by the mirador on the way


The Jacaranda trees are just coming into bloom…



I then went and picked up Sara and took her to show her where Paola lives and she is going to take her out for the afternoon tomorrow….we had a little visit and she seems to be OK.

So back home watered my plants and swept my steps had supper and now watching a soccer game from England and then followed by tennis….life is good.

Stay tuned going on a little day trip tomorrow ..

Yashi Kochi!!!

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