Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday 25th march 2014…..birthdays, friends back again and lots more!!!!!!

Hay Birthday to Sam, my niece, here we are in the cold waters of Loch Lomond!!!


Thanks Vicky for the new Senior’s hot tub!!!!


I think I am getting over my sore throat and this morning I did not have tennis and I went and checked on Carolyn and she is feeling a little better which is great news!!

I then went back to the Dermatologist she wanted to remove the stitches I had from last week and when I got there and went into her office I lifted my shirt and told her the stitches came out on their own a few days ago..she gave me my file which shows everything is OK!

The next stop was to go to the small RV ark outside of town as my wonderful friends Paula and Jerry are back in town with 3 other RV ing couples for 3 days….we had a visit and caught up a little and then I had to leave to go to the Immigration department to have my fingerprints taken.

I met the lady who is helping me with this and when my name was called I went to the window and saw the agent..his first comment was that he did not like my soccer shirt and I told him it was not my favorite I liked Chivas but I picked the wrong team because he did not like them either..so I did not get off to a good start but he was laughing.  He took a very official looking form and stamped it and then took my fingerprints and then asked me to sign the form which I did.

He then took my passort and looked at the signature on the passort and said they were not the same and he could not accept the form and I would have to come back tomorrow. Now I realize this is Mexico and things work differently here and also I know I need to be very patient…..so in my best Spanish I told him I was very sorry I had the wrong shirt on and also I was very sorry that my signatures were a little different but could he do another form and I would try to sign the same way…he just looked at me and told me to go and sit back down.  So I got out pen and paper and tried to replicate my passport signature do you know how hard that it is to do when you are trying really hard…anyway this is my signature from my passort


nothing to it right!!!

and this I think is how I signed the form


the top loop was too big….anyway after about 5 minutes he called me back and he had another form for me to sign…I pointed to the new signature I had practiced on a piece of paper and if that was Ok and he said yes..so I signed….and……and…all was well I was finished.

So now according to my facilitator I wait about 8 days and should have my new visa!!!!

What a performance…..

Came needed to recover from this so I did with a late lunch and watching a live soccer game from England.

Later in the afternoon I went to see Paola but again no one at home!!!!

I went and checked again on Carolyn and she is a lot better than this morning so hopefully a few more  days of rest and she will be back!!!!

On the way back home the heavens opened and it rained like crazy not fun driving the scooter.

So a bit of a day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft Randle said...

I don't know what his problem is. I can make out every letter of your name! ;)

My signature never looks the same so I know what you are going through.

mexicokid said...

for a Canucks fan you have a good sense of humor....safe travels to you and Norma...les

Croft Randle said...

Thanks Les. Hey, what do you mean, they won on Sunday!

mexicokid said...

two words play offs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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