Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday 19th March 2014…Day 2 and 3!!!

This is the first time for Internet so two day’s worth here.

We had a good breakfast in the hotel and we were on the road by 9am and we headed for the huge waterfall called Tamun….I had done research on this and it is only possible to view this from a boat so we arrived at the tiny village where we met Felix our guide for the afternoon..we followed him a couple of miles out of town where we parked and followed Felix


down a lovely meadow to the river and the boat.




Away we go!!!!


The colors, water and scenery almost defy words just enjoy!!!






We each had an oar



and a couple of times we came to small rapids when Felix took us to shore and we walked and he pulled the boat through!!!


After about one of hour of serious paddling, yes even Carolyn had her paddle in the water for a few minutes..we arrived at the…


wait for it….



what about this!!!!


You cannot get to the base so we tied our boat up to a rock and took the photos!!!



This was such an incredible sight of cascading water just breath taking…but of course I had to try out the water!!


The water was great but the current very strong.


Whilst we were there another tour boat arrived with this cute thing!!!


addling was easier going back with the current and half way down we stopped and climbed a hill to this ceynote!!!



Not a clear shot but we did go in!!!


The tour lasted over 3 hours and it really was a wonderful and exciting time and I shall not forget that waterfall.

We drove just over an hour and found a nice hotel in the town of CD.Valles and had a comfortable evening with dinner in the hotel…a wonderful day!!!

Day 3!!!

Had breakfast in the hotel and then on the road again and our first stop was


A beautiful little park with gentle falls!!!



Some unusual plants


Carolyn pointed out to me the flowering bud on the banana plant I never knew nor have seen one or at least to remember it.


The main industry here is sugar cane and we saw very many of these trucks!!!


If you check back and read the blog a few days ago you will see that we planned to go to the cave where the swallows dive in at sunset and we were heading to see them tonight so we got off the road around 2pm and found this great hotel only 8 miles from the cave and I think you have to admit a really nice hotel!!


Me going for my afternoon swim!!


I found this cute bird on the grounds..


There was Internet at this hotel the first yet so whilst I swam Carolyn caught up on her e mails….and around 4.30pm we set out for the took us just over 30 minutes and we arrived here


As we parked we were surrounded by young kids offering to guide us and we got this cute kid


He was really a cute kid and told us lots about the park of course it so helps when Carolyn can speak the language and translate for me!!!

537 steps going down…and of course the same number coming up!!!!


Half way down we passed this really old and lovely lady and I said to Carolyn I would love to take her photo but did not want to ask…but Carolyn said I should ask her so I did and she smiled and then brushed her hair back and crossed her legs like she was modeling so lovely and funny and then Carolyn said to her that if anyone wanted to take a photo of her, meaning Carolyn, they have to pay and of course I knew this and gave her some money…just one of those special Mexican moments.


We soon arrived at the cave and the camera is not able to show just how incredible it was…



There is a man with ropes that lets you peer down into the cave…





and then the swallows start to come the noise was amazing and they circled up above and then closed their wings and dive bombed into the cave and we could hear the swoosh as they did so……also there were some lovely green parakeets that were circling..hard to get photos they went so fast



Hundreds of birds went into the cave we both agreed we had never see anything quite like this!

We stayed about one hour then our little guide came back for us and walked us to the starting point when we asked him how much…. he said it was all volunteer but know he got a great tip… was dark by the time we got back to the hotel and we had a good supper in the on site restaurant……

So there you have it all caught up….this has been a wonderful mini vacation taking in the spectacular sights of the State of San Luis Potosí.

Tomorrow is another wonderful attraction and then home tomorrow night!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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