Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday 2nd March 2014….another fabulous sunny day!!

and took advantage of it by joining the hiking club for their hike into the canyons about 45  minutes from SMA..we arrived at the trail around 9am and there were 14 of us in the group and it was truly a beautiful hike check out some of the photos!!





I really like the above shot!!


This was a sanctuary built by the Jesuits when they were run out of town.



Another special shot!!








It was really a great hike with fantastic water views in the middle of the desert!!!

After we came back to Carolyn’s house you would think lunch and a rest may have been on the agenda but Carolyn had other plans for me!!!!


Spent two hours doing pruning work…no comment!!!

We then went to a friend’s house, Bruce who showed us and told us about some waterfalls in the next State that we are going to visit in a couple of weeks….the slides Bruce showed us were wonderful and we are looking forward to this little mini break.

Back at Carolyn's house we did not feel like watching the Oscars so we played our favorite Rummy cube game for a couple of hours…and no I did not win!!!

The week coming up is going to be busy but I look forward to it and must start some packing and sorting for my journey at the end of the month…..hope you had a great weekend .

Yashi Kochi!!

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