Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday 5th March 2014…a busy day!!!

The started for me with 2 hours of great mixed doubles tennis with Carolyn and another lovely couple from Victoria here on vacation…it was sunny and warm and a great workout.

From there I went to meet Andrea again, one of my students and went to the US Consular office to help her with an application and then did some chores in town and then home for lunch and do some computer work and prepared my lesson for class tonight…..

Then went for a 90 minute hike into the canyons with my new back pack and it seems to work for me.

At 3.45m went to pick up Paola and took her to her dance class and then I picked up later and took her home with a full cooked chicken dinner and dashed off to my class.

Another great class we did lots of reading and I printed out the following article for them and we read and talked about it…I sure enjoy these classes and my students!!!


Ash Wednesday 2014 is on 5 March
six-and-a-half weeks before Easter.

The Christian season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday.

The date of Ash Wednesday varies each year according to the date of Easter. It is always six-and-a-half weeks before Easter. The earliest possible date of Ash Wednesday is 4 February and the latest possible date is 10 March.


What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is a Christian festival. It marks the beginning of six and a half weeks of repentance, fasting and abstinence in preparation for the most important Christian festival of Easter.


Why is it called Ash Wednesday?

Ashes are something that are left when something is burned.

For Christians, ashes are a symbol of being sorry for things they have done wrong and want to get rid of forever. It is also a reminder to them that we all come from ashes, and to ashes we all will return.

Why are ashes marked on the forehead?

For Christians, the marking on the forehead with ash marks the commitment to Jesus Christ and God. They wanted to show God that they were sorry for the wrong things they had done in the past year.

Using a mark on the forehead as a sign of commitment is also used in many Middle Eastern cultures where a round, coloured circle is marked on the forehead.

What happens on Ash Wednesday today?

Many Christians will attend a religious service where the ashes are blessed by the church leader, and placed on their forehead.


Christians believe this marks the physical and spiritual beginning of a personal Lent season in which 40 days of repentance will begin leading up to the celebration of Easter Sunday.

The actual moment when the forehead is marked initiates the beginning of lent for each individual person.

What are the ashes made from?

In churches the priest first burns the palm

that have been kept from last year's Palm Sunday and then mixes the ashes of these crosses with holy water (which has been blessed) to make a greyish paste. When people go to church on Ash Wednesday, the priest dips his thumb in the paste and uses it to make the sign of the cross on each person's forehead. copyright of

Why are last years Palm Crosses recycled?

Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, so when the crosses used in the last years Palm Sunday service are converted to ashes, worshippers are reminded that defeat and crucifixion swiftly followed triumph.

What do the ashes symbolise?
Using ashes to mark the cross on the believer's forehead symbolises that through Christ's death and resurrection, all Christians can be free from sin.

Just a quiet evening after class and did some more trip planning..the days are going by so fast!!!

Happy Birthday Gail!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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