Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday 20th March 2014…Day 4!!

Bit of a shock woke up this morning to rain!!!!

This was our last day and one stop to make before we headed for home so we set out in rain and with these kinds of views



We arrived at our destination around 9.30am



You really have to Google him…this place was something I have never ever seen before surreal all these unfinished buildings his mind must have been on high alert everyday coming up with these ideas….it rained the whole time we were there but we were in the jungle and it did not bother us we started out on our own but quickly realized we needed a guide so went back to reception and hired Carlos…he was brilliant and a font of information….enjoy!!!!



The stairway leading to no where I climbed to the top very unsafe but great views here is Carolyn’s car.





Carlos our great guide!!!



Can you stand another waterfall…




Everywhere you turned there was another sculpture or a building it was so amazing and to have everything explained made it much more fascinating…the tour was about 90 minutes and was something I shall never forget.



We then had breakfast at the on site restaurant before getting on the road at 12.15pm.


The journey home took almost 7 hours on what can only be described as very windy and slow going roads but wonderful and ever-changing scenery…


Started out like this and finished up like this



At some point there was road construction and laying new pavement and there was a sign about loose  gravel..after we had passed by maybe 10 minutes we had just gone through a small town and heading back into the mountains when we both heard an awful noise coming from under the car…I immediately pulled off and looked underneath but you know me the handy and mechanical man that I am……well we could not see anything but there was for sure a problem.  I turned around and slowly went back the half mile into the town and we stopped at a gas station and they told us there was a mechanic 100 yards down the road so we went there and Carolyn is so good with this language and explained to the mechanic what had happened and he had me drive over the pit


and within two minutes he pulled a very small  piece of gravel from in between the wheel rim and said that was causing the problem…sure enough I drove back and forward and issue took altogether 10 minutes and 70 pesos..50 for the work and 20 for a tip and we were back on the road..again I praise Carolyn as the perfect travelling companion very easy to be with and she does not panic and very considerate….so I guess I cannot complain while I navigate these twisting roads whilst she……


We arrived back in SMA in time for sunset



The gorgeous Jacaranda tree in Carolyn’s driveway or should that be the gorgeous me and the Jacaranda tree in Carolyn’s driveway!!!

It was a wonderful mini vacation and we both so enjoyed the diversified State of San Luis Potosí and we shall not forget the sights, the friendly people and the amazing  vistas…thanks Carolyn!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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