Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday 7th March 2014..the big hike!!!

Had to go to the bank this morning and also to the bakery and then off for a quick visit with Linda and Guy always love to see them and to catch up with the goings on in our lives.  Next it was off to see Silvia she is the lady who facilitates my visa application….My one year temporary visa is due for renewal on 14th April but I shall be on the road then so Silvia is hoping to start the process and so I can obtain my visa before I leave this may turn into a problem depending on how long the application takes.

Then came home and packed up my new back pack with about 18 pounds of weight and with food and drinks out the door for what I plan to be a long hike!!!

Well it was a long hike 26 km and it was a good start for me… my shoes feel wonderful and after the first few hundred yards I did not feel the weight especially now I have the two front pockets to put some of my stuff in


…  well that did not last long the pack started to hurt my back and shoulders and I tried to move the weight around but it was not a happy  was mainly along the highway and with my I pod drowned most of the traffic noise…..I walk about five  km per hour and stopped for about 15 minutes to eat and although it was sunny and hot the heat did not bother me but this pack I really need to re consider… when I got back I wanted to burn it so maybe I go back to my small and faithful pack I have used for day hikes…back to the planning board!!!

Back at home had a good long bath and then went and picked up Carolyn and we went to our friend’s house to help Ann  celebrate her birthday there was about 40 guests and I met some new people and it was a good evening.

Tomorrow Carolyn and I are going on a mini road trip to the town of Irapuato I have tickets Saturday and Sunday for the Women’s Futures tennis tournament…this is a professional tournament for younger and up coming stars and there are some women ranked in the top 200  from all over the world should be really good tennis.

Map picture

I am going to take only my Nexus so I hope I can post a blog if not you will have to wait for Sunday night…..have a great weekend.

Yashi Kochi!!!

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