Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday 15th March 2014…Saturday so it can only be sports day!!!

Up at 6.30am to watch live soccer from England this is always fun especially when the game is being played in the city where my brother lives so I know when I see a shot of the crowd he is there with his two sons and his Grandson unfortunately his team lost this morning.

Then it was off to tennis a bit different today Loren was sick so Carolyn filled in and we played two very hard and good sets and it goes without mention it was hot and sunny.

Afterwards I went to the farmer’s market and bought a few bakery goods and went to get Paola but again she was not home I will have to talk to her about when we set a date she must be there….

Came home and had some lunch and Carolyn came over for a little while and we watched the tennis finals from Indian Wells.

Tonight I went to Sara's for dinner she is leaving Tuesday and I brought some of her stuff back to store at my place….it was a nice evening and thanks for dinner.

Now back home and guess what there is a repeat of a soccer game from England from earlier today that I did not see so tea and soccer to end the day!!!

My young tennis phenom Ashley is going through a hard time now she has a serious injury and her Grand mother sent me this photo today…the cast comes off next week and then she has to have an operation….so I will not get to see her at the tournament in palm springs next month…wish you a seedy recovery!!!

Great photo!!!


Yashi Kochi!!!

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