Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday 23rd March 2014…an easy day!!!

I did not seem to have much energy this morning so I did not go on the Sunday morning hike instead I had breakfast and watched a live soccer game from was a good game but not as entertaining as the one yesterday.

I have received news that my good friend Stella, Ashley’s Grandmother, is coming to SMA and she will stay in my casita from Aril 4th for a month….the timing is great hopefully I will have my visa and be able to show Stella around for a couple of days before I take off.

So this morning after the game I did laundry and then started to get my casita ready..tidied some drawers, sorted some clothes and then tackled the kitchen cupboards.

I went over to Carolyn's this afternoon we had tickets for a charity function put on by the animal shelter organization but she is too sick to go….I know I gave her my sore throat virus and her immune system is a bit low and she feels not great so she stayed home and I went out on the scooter it was about 23 km out of town and a lovely old Hacienda.








A very beautiful setting and the function was well attended.

I am still not back to “normal” so spending a quiet night at home…

Yashi Kochi!!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

You'll have to tell us where that place is. Looks pretty cool!

mexicokid said...

yes it is and you can rent a kayak for the lake cheers les

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