Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday 26th January 2011……I think I am off to Vegas!!!!


For the World Poker series…another big winner this afternoon...

jan266 001

Won 150 pesos today about 12 dollars!!!!

Of coursed being Wednesday I had my usual 2 hours of tennis…

I picked up the van this morning after 9 days in the shop….the owner of the shop was very good and very reasonable and the van appears to be working fine.  I also asked him if he knew of anyone who could come and do a little bit of body work painting on Ramona both wing mirror arms have paint peeling off of them.  Saul told me he would bring a worker over later.

True to his word Saul and Juan arrived this evening and he is going to start the work on Sunday…700 pesos about 60 dollars for all supplies and work… a great price….

Did I mention it was sunny again!!!

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