Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 20th January 2011……. a busy day!!!

I was invited this morning to play with three other guys, two of which I hadn’t played with so after dropping Sara off at her class I played two hours of tennis and really enjoyed myself.

I then went on the search for a motor cycle repair shop that was recommended to me and after a frustrating time with one way streets and road closures for repairs I did find it and booked the scooter in for a service next week..went onto another area of town to try to locate a second hand book store..again the road repairs got me but I did find it and ….but it was closed today!!!

It was then time to pick up Sara and off we went to a little hole in the wall store that I found last year where I had my scooter cover made…I wanted the man to make a towel car seat cover for Ramona…here is Sara explaining what I wanted..

jan20 002

The owner told me to come back on Monday and it will re ready…

We then got home about 1.30pm and I think today was the hottest day…. I had just made some lunch pulled out my lounge chair and ready for an afternoon of sun and snoozing when I got a message from the repair shop the man who was working on the van had ordered some parts and he needed some money to pay for them…so back on the scooter to the bank then to the repair shop when I got there the first thing Saul wanted to do was shake my hand and ask how I was, don’t you just admire these people??

I left some money and he told me that with some luck he may have the transmission repaired by Sunday, that is good news!!!

Back to the house and at last sun and relaxation!!!!

Tonight Sara and I went back to St.Paul’s church hall where they have a play every second week, we like these shows and tonight's was a good one, the actors read the script…it was a really good show!!

jan20 006and only 20 pesos each for a ticket..

The moon was lovely this evening..jan20 009

So ends yet another fun filled day……


VW said...

HI, From Comox BC :)
I have just started reading your Blog of which I got the link from the website "The Frugal RV"
You have written so much, it's a lot to read but it is really amazing all the things you and Sara are doing. She took a silversmithing calss, that is so cool! I make a lot of jewelry but I have never taken a silversmithing class. ;) I noticed you have travelled mainly to Mexico....from Nanaimo. Are you driving/pulling an RV of some sort?
We just purchased a 26 ft Triple E 5th wheel yesterday for future long-term travel down south California, Arizona etc. We fly down at least once a year, but my husband will be retiring from the Airforce here in Comox soon and we would like to use an RV for our travels! :)
We also are wanting to visit the children in the orphanages as you have done. Central America, esp Nicaragua another destination we have looked into.
The amount of activities you and your wife, Sara, do is so inspiring :)
We have a son - 16 yrs - who is going to start travelling with us as well :) I can't wait to go to the Coachella Valley this March with him and my husband :) Our trips can only be 2-3 weeks long because of my husband's job and my son's schooling.
We are really looking forward to travelling in our new RV around the Island and the BC interior. Whereabouts are you right now and are you staying in an RV?
Have a great Friday in the sun. It's raining here ;)

mexicokid said...

Welcome to my blog....wish you look in your new RV adventures...I spend my winters in San Miguel and all the news is in previous blogs...Sara is a very good friend and we spend a lot of time with my girls Paola and Daniela..take care and travel safe Les

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