Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday 30th January 2011…..a Pleasant and slow Sunday!!!

Sunday morning tennis which I really enjoy was again a wonderful morning….and I came back to Sara’s pancakes, which are pretty hard to beat and I sat down with fresh pancakes and watched the Men’s tennis final which was a re run and I didn’t know the score so this was enjoyable

jan30 003

even though the British kid Murray was trying to win a grand slam the first since I think the 1930’s but he really was not in the game…

Every Sunday I take down the Hummingbird feeder and Sara does the mixture and back it goes today it was so cute to see that the birds are so familiar with it that they were buzzing around whilst it was gone for a few minutes and as soon as I put it back up here they come…jan30 005

Before I left for tennis Juan arrived to do the paint job on Ramona…..he brought his family, wife and three children and one of the boys helped..

jan30 001

I love this photo they brought a seat to sit on and the daughter is fixing Mom’s hair!!!

jan30 002

When I came back they were still there and finished a few minutes later, all told working for two and a half hours and the finished job is really good!!!jan30 007

The cost for materials and labour 700 pesos!!!!  About 60 dollars I still cannot get used to the fantastic prices….Juan received a good tip.

Had a couple of hours in the sun and Sara gave me a haircut then it was back to work!!!

I noticed this morning that the tire that gave us problems yesterday was flat again this morning…so I got the small compressor from the RV pumped it up and went into town to find a repair shop which I did he took me in right away and found a small nail in the tire, he patched it up and I was on my way in 25 minutes…you will never guess the cost?????    30 pesos not even $2.50!!!!  he got a good tip too…..

I repaid a Backgammon betting loss by  treating Sara to dinner tonight at our favourite restaurant, Hecho's and we were not let down a great meal… another day done and of course no need to mention how lovely and sunny it was again!!!

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