Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday 14th January 2011….a pretty neat day!!!!

What a busy day starting off with going with Sara at 9am to her Spanish class for a lecture on Mexican customs…it was very interesting and I had to leave before 10am to go play tennis…which as usual was a lot of fun….

The next part of the day I am still trying to comprehend…a couple of days ago I was reading on the civil list, which is a local website full of all kinds of information and questions and answers about San Miguel….listed on there was an advert for horse back riding out at a ranch in the country.  I called the owner, Kathy and had a lovely conversation with her telling her about Paola and Daniela and how I wanted to bring them horse back riding but that Paola was really hesitant to do this…..Kathy invited us to bring the girls out to the ranch and look around, Kathy would not be there but her worker Martin would be and we were free to walk through the house, chapel and stables……what an incredible kind offer for someone to make to total strangers!!!

Anyway this afternoon we went to the ranch it is about 20km out into the country and oh what a lovely surprise it was beautiful!!!

The main house was still decorated in the old fashioned way and check out the ceiling!!!

jan14 006

jan14 007

The girls loved going through the house…

jan14 012

Check out Daniela’s sour puss face!!!!

jan14 013

jan14 015

jan14 022

jan14 028

The chapel was beautiful and I think over 300 years old!!

jan14 030

jan14 042

jan14 033

We asked Paola if she would like to ride a horse another day and happily she said yes!!

jan14 037jan14 039

jan14 047

jan14 051

jan14 055

It was a wonderful afternoon and the property took me back about 2 centuries and I could imagine how life would have been on the ranch!!


Kathy thank you so much for letting the girls come to the ranch and we promise to come back next week and go riding!!!!!!!

We then brought the girls back to the casa where we played soccer and had some hot dogs before we dropped them off at 6pm at their English class!!!

Sara and I are going to relax and watch a movie…this really was an interesting and fun day!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Great pics. Look's like everyone had a lot of fun. Love the ranch house.

mexicokid said...

Yes Chris the ranch was quite something and the girls loved the horses!!!!

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