Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday 22nd January 2011…another week gone!!!

Woke up early and just happened to watch a live soccer game from England..

jan22 003

Then it was 8.30am and time to take Sara to her class and when i went outside saw this neat sight…

jan22 012

It was so low I could hear the hiss from the flames….

I came back to the house and just relaxed and then went back into town to pick up Sara and we went to the market and the side streets and at this store

jan22 020

jan22 021

Sara bought a beautiful tablecloth….

jan22 027

Don’t you just love this photo..

jan22 018

and this one too..

jan22 019

Friends had told us about this tiny restaurant

jan22 022

The whole experience was very good and although I wasn't.t hungry Sara said her meal was delicious!!

jan22 023

The bathroom was neat too…

jan22 025

Back home again and then down town to the theatre for another great play…

jan9 007

and then home in time to watch the end of the hockey game..

jan9 008

Not a bad life!!!

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