Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 28th January 2011……a busy start to the weekend!!

2 hours of tennis this morning then quickly home for lunch and then we went to pick up the girls at Casar Hogar..never really know what to expect when we get there and today we found out that Paola has been grounded for the weekend and will not be allowed to come with us today or tomorrow.  I did see Paola and went to her and gave her a hug and told her I was sorry she could not come with us.

So we left with Daniela, her sister Lupita and another young girl Chuya….we first went to the little fruit market we like and the girls picked some strawberries and mangoes for snacks and then we went on a little mystery tour out towards the lake and then on a small side road, through this long and amazing tunnel

jan28 002

and along a gravel road for a couple of miles until we came to the small campo of La Huerta…

jan28 015

jan28 007

jan28 008

This little community is home to the second largest tree in Mexico!!!

jan28 012

jan28 021

jan28 022

It certainly is a huge tree!!!!

Sights on the way back to SMA

jan28 011

jan28 035

jan28 037

jan28 038

This lovely family were sitting by a store…6 month old twin girls!!

We brought the girls back to the house where I BBQ’d hotdogs for them, they favourite and then took them to their English class for 6pm.

Sara and I went into town for supper and we tried a new restaurant

jan28 044

but we were not thrilled about the food or the service and then we went across the street to the theatre for a show…a tribute Beatles band…

jan28 048

I have seen them before and they put on a really good show with the crowd dancing in the aisles…we didn’t get home till nearly 11pm….

So another good day ends and one will begin in a few hours!!!

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