Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday 15th January 2011…….yes soccer morning!!!

I took Sara to her class at 8.30am this morning and on the way home was stopped by the Transit Police!!!!


I admit I was at fault I wanted to get gas and the station was on the other side of a two lane road and as I was driving Bonita through a small pedestrian cross walk I was pulled over.  I was in the wrong and the two policeman asked to see my drivers licence…I don’t carry it with me but I do have a photo copy of it with me on the scooter…I showed it to them and I think they told me I had committed an offence and the fine was 200 pesos… at this point I acted dumb and told them in English not understand!!!!  Then they wanted to take my licence plate to their office or pay the fine and again I said no understand and they said  I owed 200 pesos and you know my reply…..they just looked at each other and said something and took off…..a good lesson for me!!

Came home and sat on the couch and watched two live soccer games from England!!

jan15 015Game 1

jan15 001Game 2


The bird feeder is working saw lots of hummingbirds this morning or the same one lots of times!!!

jan15 009

jan15 013

I then drove down to the main Jardin to pick up Sara

jan15 016

jan15 018

We then had arranged to meet a couple who were friends of friends and were passing through San Miguel…we did meet them and had a nice chat and have arranged to meet again on Monday.

Still trying to find a place to get the van fixed and at last with help from other locals found this place

jan15 019

The mechanic comes well recommended and he took the van for a drive and I have an appointment to take it in Monday morning, so I hope all goes well next week.

Back home I was on supper detail…..AGAIN!!!!!!

sara 002Do you know what is in that frying pan Guy????

Boy the days just fly by……..big day tomorrow stay tuned!!!

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