Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday 10th January 2011…another one of those days!!!!


Not sure if I mentioned the fact that I won at Backgammon yesterday………


There is a gentleman in the community here in San Miguel, John  Doherty, that is instrumental in many charitable events and he organized over the holidays a toy drive so that the children in the Campo’s surrounding SMA could receive a toy……the toys had been collected over the last three weeks, wrapped and today was the day of the delivery.  Sara and I had volunteered to help with the delivery of the 300 toys.

So our day started out at 7.30am meeting John and loading up the toys into his truck and the van and then we met up with a few more volunteers and then the drive to the first school which was located about 15 km outside of SMA and in the countryside…

jan10 004along the road to the school

jan10 008

jan10 010

the first school was a kindergarten class and the kids were so sweet, they lined them up girls on one side

jan10 011

boys on the other

jan10 013

The big celebration here takes place on January 6th or Three Kings Day so is was fitting that three volunteer fire fighters came and were the three Kings for today giving out the gifts!!

jan10 016

jan10 020

After the gift giving the children were treated to a hot drink and a cake….

jan10 028

and I thought my waitering days were over!!!

We went down a block to the next school where the children were a little older

jan10 031

I am not surprised because I have seen it before but it is neat to see the children line up and behave so well…


jan10 037on the way to the last school…

jan10 039Haven’t seen one of these for years!!!

the last school was really in the middle of nowhere…

jan10 044

jan10 045

Obstruction on the way home..

jan10 050

We got back into town by 2.30pm after what was a wonderful morning seeing those children, the look on their faces was priceless…..all those children all those presents and no fighting and only one little girl crying and she had been sick we were told….a fabulous time congratulations John and family and helpers!!!!!

I dropped Sara off at the RV park as she was going with Terry to a silversmiths shop where she is in class and making some silver jewellery…

sara 009sara 007

and I went to the main stadium in town and watched a great soccer game..

jan10 054

jan10 055

jan10 059

We didn’t get home till after 6pm so a long day…but a really wonderful day!!

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