Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday 9th January 2011…….did I mention I won at Backgammon??

Sunday morning so it must be tennis off I went on Bontia for two hours of great tennis…this is for Croft…the sun shone the whole time …I have been here since mid November and the same weather every day lovely and sunny and cooler at nights, sorry to hear about all your storms in Galveston, stay safe!!!

Came home and I cooked brunch

jan9 001

I don’t look very happy but I am…

then 2 hours of sunbathing…

did I mention I beat Sara at Backgammon this afternoon and now getting treated to theatre tickets next week.

Then it was time for two hours of cleaning starting with Ramona’s roof then the rest of her, then went and cleaned Bonita and finished up washing the car…so a productive day…

Did I mention i won at BG?????

Whilst having a cup of tea and watching the hummingbird feeder we have seen quite a few birds drinking but never able to get a photo..Sara changed the water this afternoon and here it is…

jan9 005

I did mention I won today didn’t I??

Now off to BBQ some pork chops and then watching TV tonight…we both have crazy schedules for next week, where does the time go?

Hope you had a great Sunday and of course you know I am going to finish with…




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Croft said...

Thanks for the weather report Les. This USA thing is an experiment that will not be repeated any time soon!

Friday 18th August 2017...The question answered!!!!

Guess who won??? Ten minutes ago!!!!  One minute ago!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!!