Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday 19th January 2011……please be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This post contains photos that some readers may find offensive and of course my seasoned female viewers will delight in…..

sara 002

Wednesday means two hours of tennis and 4 hours of poker!!!

Look at my winnings..

jan19 001

The whites are worth 100 dollars the blacks 200 dollars and the reds 500 dollars!!!!


I WISH!!!!!!!!

I actually won 50 pesos..I know only 4 dollars but it all counts…

Sara went to a house party this afternoon of her Spanish teacher whilst I was winning my 4 dollars, she said it was a good time and the home is very close to Casar Hogar..

This evening we went to the lake for the sunset got there a little too late but took these shots anyway..

jan19 005

jan19 004

So this is day 80 on the road for me… has so far been an incredible and happy journey!!

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living.boondockingmexico said...

You really like posting this, don't you? :)

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