Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 21st January 2011…Birthdays, black eyes and burgers!!!!

Can you stand it???   Another great sunny day and today is Allende’s Birthday and it is a big holiday and celebration and a huge parade I only saw the preparations as I was off to tennis

jan21 003

jan21 002


and I was partnered with a lovely lady ..Leah we have played many sets together but this morning a terrible thing happened…..Leah was at the net and the opponent lobbed the ball high in the air and I was positioned for a forehand smash I waited for the ball to come to me and my swing was so sweet and my connection with the ball was smooth and hard and at the last second Leah turned to look at me and the ball hit her right in the face!!!!!

The  blood was everywhere and I was devastated….Leah was very brave and we rushed to her aide with water and ice and a towel…her nose was bleeding and her sunglasses had cut her face just under her left eye…….she stayed and laid back until the bleeding stopped and then said she was OK to drive home.  It certainly put a damper on the rest of the morning…I called Leah later on in the day and her partner said she was sleeping but that she felt OK!!!

Came home and after lunch took the scooter to town and then a taxi to Casar Hogar to get the girls …we had arranged to take Paola and Daniela for the afternoon and then to their English class.

One of the things I like about Mexico is that you never know when plans will and can change….when I got there I found out that Daniela was not there I believe she was at Catechism class and the Madre asked me if I would take three other girls so off I left with Paola, Carrina, Cecelia and little Lupita…we took a taxi back to the house and I  treated the girls to watching the penguin movie Happy Feet in Ramona…

jan21 009Carrina and Lupita

jan21 010Cecelia and Paola

I started to polish the dash and Lupita as always wanted to help…

jan21 013

After the movie Sara took the girls in the back yard and had them making beaded bracelets whilst I cooked them burgers!!!

jan21 015

They were all thrilled with making themselves something.  we then took a taxi to drop the girls at their English class and as Lupita doesn’t go to class we took her for a walk and found this little coffee roasting outdoor cafe

jan21 023

One of the Madres fixed Lupita’s hair this morning it looks so cool!!!

jan21 016

We then went back to the class room and said goodbye to all the girls they were again so well behaved no hassles and so polite!!!

Back home at 7pm and it was a movie night…….so what a day….Leah hope your are OK!!!!!!

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