Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday 16th January 2011…another full day!!!

Starting with two hours of tennis again this morning and then coming home for a quick bite to eat and a shower and off to Casa Hogar.  we had arranged to pick up Paola and Daniela and take them to a performance of Mexican ballet.  We had also asked if they could each bring a friend along.  Sara had prepared for each girl a baggie with fresh mango slices and strawberries….when we got to CH the girls were not there but arrived shortly after and I don't know how but instead of taking 4 girls we finished up with 5…the more the merrier.

before we left photos..

jan16 001

jan16 005

we had the back row of the theatre and the kids really enjoyed their fruit…

jan16 010

The dancers were colourful and energetic and the girls enjoyed the show…the photos are a bit blurry…

jan16 042

Sara 016

Sara 019

Sara 034

What girl can resist an ice cream??

jan16 062

We all then walked around the main Jardin and then took the girls to see the motorhomes in Webber’s RV park and meet a couple of my friends…then back to Casa Hogar.

I know i say it all the time but it is true….5 girls for 4 hours and all we saw were smiles, sharing and plenty of thankyou's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back at the casa Sara and I played Backgammon…….My winning streak continues!!!!!!

We are now going to relax and watch a movie with Meryl Streep called Doubt…..another wonderful day!!!

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