Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday 25th January 2011….a Rock Star is born!!!

Took Sara into her class at 9am and then went for an extra tennis game 2 hours of men’s doubles it was a great morning!!!!

I took these photos  whilst waiting for Sara to come from class… I was about 50 feet away and they had no idea I was taking the shots…just loved this little kid and her expression and the size of the sandwich!!!

jan25 001

jan25 002

jan25 003

This afternoon was reading and sunning as the weather again is so perfect!!!

Tonight we went to a one man concert in the smallest and neatest theatre..about 50 seats..

jan25 004

The opening act was great, a very talented and sexy performer!!!!!

jan25 005

Ok Ok here is the GUY!!!!

jan25 009

He was pretty good too….

It is now 12.20am and I am watching live tennis from Australia…not a bad life!!!

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