Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 18th January 2011……..a mixed bag!!

Here is Linda and Guy on their arrival in Hawaii…



This is a bit of a ramble and not completely sure of my thoughts but I know that the Expatriates living in SMA provide a lot of work for the local people but at the film on Monday it stated that the common wage for lower class of workers was around 52 pesos a day which is about $4.50….I have a hard time around maids and gardeners I feel for them….this was compounded for me this morning when I was invited to play a game of tennis at another club, the entrance to which

jan18 013

I pass every day not knowing what lies behind the gated fence…. a huge country club like setting with 6 tennis courts

jan18 005

a huge heated swimming pool

jan18 001

a beautiful club house….well at the tennis courts we had…wait for it… a ball boy!!!!

I really felt uncomfortable about this but when we had finished I asked what the protocol was and I was told to tip him 40 pesos, the other couple did the same so for 2 hours work the young man received 80 pesos, a good gig for him……I really didn’t care for this setting and will stick to playing at my usual venue…….I know I haven’t explained my feelings well but I will think on this some more!!!!

Went back into town to pick up Sara from her class and a couple of scenes on the road home…

jan18 008

This guy was handing out slices of cantaloupe at a cross walk and a truck full of them was parked close by..

jan18 006

This is the road works just close to where we stay it has been dusty and rough for about two weeks now..

jan18 009

jan18 011

Tonight I took Sara down town where she attended a lecture about reproductive rights for women in Mexico which she enjoyed and I went to visit friends in the RV park Karen and Rob, they have a house in Nova Scotia and I was getting information for my trip to the east coast of Canada this summer, thanks for all the help!!!

Forgot to mention that this afternoon we took a break and sunbathed for three hours it was lovely and warm…sorry Annie I know I am not supposed to mention the weather…..almost forgot Sara and I played Backgammon this afternoon the loser having to pay for dinner on Thursday night before we go to the theatre…..I would like to tell you that I  won BUT!!!!!!!!!

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