Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday 30th March easy day!!!

Was up again at 6.30am and it was so nice out I took my tea outside on the patio...I spent the morning puttering around making sure my plans for the next two weeks were in order, reading and sorting out my suitcase.
Two of my lovely lady friends of many years are Stella and her daughter Caron from Santa Barbara....I have know these gorgeous girls over 20 years and of course you all know that Ashley is Stella's Grand daughter and also they are originally from Zimbabwe.......Caron contacted me with the e mail
address of her cousin who lives here and I was in touch and this afternoon Russell came and picked me up and took me to his beautiful home where we sat and talked and he showed one of his passions he breeds budgies and he has an elaborate system and set up and had over 150 birds.....later Carol his wife came home and then their kids and their friends and I was invited to stay for dinner and had a wonderful time then Russell brought me home at 9pm...what a great time it was and my fortune of meeting great people continues.
Going to pack as I have a taxi coming for me tomorrow at 7am to take me to the airport for my flight at 10.30am to Livingstone in Zambia.

The bottom red circle is where I am headed it is a 90 minute flight..I have airbnb b &b booked for 4 nights and I get to knock off the Victoria falls off my bucket list!!!!
Indigo my hostess for the last night in Sydney sent me this photo that she took from her balcony...Australia in the clouds!!!

and I leave you with this!!!!

Even though the US Election isn't until next November, as we speak Canada is training 10,000 new Border Guards mounted on 10,000 Moose to guard our Border if Donald Trump is elected President to stop the rush of Illegal USA Immigrants trying to sneak across the Canadian Border after said Election. 
I do not know why this photo never turned out but it was an RCMP on a moose quite funny!!


I am not sure about Internet connection for the next week whilst i am on the road I think I will have it but if there is no blog do not complain and ask for a refund of your subscription!!!
So another new country tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

My you do get around! Be sure to save something for your old age! :)

mexicokid said...

why thank bucket list is now down to three pages...glad you enjoyed SMA cheers les

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