Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday 19th March 2016.....a bit of everything!!!

OK now that is enough!!!  The rain cancelled my tennis again this comment!!!

By 10 am though it was sunny and lovely and stayed that way the whole day...I spent a lot of the morning fixing up my travels to South Africa and can share that with you now.....

I leave Sydney on 27th March and fly to Johannesburg and stay there for three nights before flying to Livingstone in Zimbabwe on 31st why I am going there???  Ever heard of the  Victoria Falls!!!
I am spending 3 nights in Livingstone and then fly back to SA to a town called  Nelspruit where I am hiring a car and then self driving for 5 nights around the Kruger National Park and have booked passes to go into the park for two separate days and to be there all day....I then drive a few hours on the 9th April to Hoedspruit where I am to meet up with Delwin and his wife who own a small bush lodge and I am staying there for a full week....Delwin is the cousin of my great hiking buddy Pierre in San Miguel and I need to publicly thank Delwin he has spent many hours working for me on my trip through out SA with routes, things to see, safety tips and then to invite me to his lodge..I cannot even begin to image the thrill of walking into the bush with him!!!
After that week I am taking about a month to drive to cape Town where I have a house sit position for two weeks before leaving 26th May and flying to London!!!
I wanted to get my New Zealand trip finished and also my Australia trip completed before I started thinking about SA so now is the time and I am doing lots of research but all my flights, accommodations and passes have been booked so I am set in that department!!!
Anyway the above is just to whet your appetite....

So it was time to get out and about so I did a walk of about 8 km from the condo through the park and took these photos..

Local dogs have their own beach to play on!!

Dragon day I would like to try this sport..
The track on the way home
It was a lovely walk..

Back at home I got cleaned up and went to the next town of Mona vale where I had a massage appointment and it was just what I needed hour of gentle massage especially on my shoulders and neck.

Home and into my late afternoon routine of going down to the pool with my book, then swim laps and finally into the hot tub...OK so I am spoiled!!!

Cooked myself a really nice simple dinner
Now going to watch a movie!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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