Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday 4th March 2016......a better day!!!

I doctored myself a little last night...lemon tea, lavender body lotion and some deep heat solution on my neck and shoulder and I had a good sleep and woke up feeling like my old self, is that a good thing???
Took my time over breakfast and as I was only driving a short distance today
I made some plans to stop on the way..thanked and said goodbye to Catherine and I was on the road by 9.30am..the sun was shining and all was well with the world!!
My first beach walk was here
Lots of surfers out today
Have not done this for ages I am going to have a contest!!!!
The winner gets a two week free subscription to the blog......
In the photo below you have to put a caption to it....what is one seagull saying to the other???
My next stop was the big tourist mecca town of Byron Bay.....too many tourists for me but I did park the car and do a 5 km hike to the lighthouse

Isn't that a beauty of a beach.....
almost there
There was a viewing platform off on the right and I walked down and below in the surf and I actually mean almost surfing were about 30 dolphins really unable to get a good shot of them but I was memorized by them and watched for over 10 minutes!!
Back on the road a few sights...

I was at my destination Skenners Head a little early so I went for a walk on the head land close by
and then went for a swim here
Next was to go to the place I am staying for two nights it is with my hostess Mimi in her town house she has one other guest but I do have my own room, share the bathroom and have the use of the whole house including the kitchen..

Another lovely home and owner...Mimi and Kevin were going to a movie tonight and invited me but I declined and now enjoying the couch and some tea!!!
Tomorrow a big headland hike of about 12km ending I hope with a swim!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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