Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday 24th March 2016...up up and away!!!

Had a good sleep and had breakfast outside on the sunny patio and all is well.....There are two attractions I really want to see in this area one is a wonderful waterfall hike and the other is called Scenic world which is a paid attraction and I thought with tomorrow being Good Friday and a holiday this area is going to be swamped with tourists so best today to do the scenic world and to get there early to avoid the crowds...which is what I did and I arrived just as they opened at 9am...I must say I was very impressed with this whole attraction free uncover parking and only 35 dollars entrance fee I tried to get the senior rate of 33 but it only applies to local seniors but even 35 dollars is a steal ...there are three main and incredible rides and the entrance fee entitles you to ride them as many times as you wish all day till the park closes at 5pm can even leave and come back......
My first ride today was the skywalker only three of us on it and it was wonderful to be sailing past the tops of the canyon and the views on this clear day quite spectacular!!!

At the bottom of the canyon is a beautiful boarded rain forest walk which I took till I came to the train.....


SORRY the internet is really bad here it has taken me over one hour to post these i will publish this and when i get good internet show you the rest of the charge for today's reading!!!

I took the train up and it was so much fun I stayed on and took it down..that is one steep descent..could not great photos from the train sorry......

Next I went on the cable car connecting the canyon walls.....this was full and the middle section had a glass bottomed floor which I did not get close to but the views so fantastic!!!

I then walked to one small cascade before setting out on a 10 km return hike from Echo Point to Laurel Cascades..

This was a wonderful walk which first went by the Three Sisters

a long distance shot and then using my zoom and I shall be on that platform soon

I suppose some of you are wondering why they call them the Three Sisters???

Now you know!!!

The hike was great very few tourists and the views of the mountains and the trees and the mountains wonderful!!!

I would have liked to get closer and down to these falls but could not make it

I had lunch and then retraced my steps …. a good work out!!!

Came home around 3pm had some tea relaxed and read and then about 5pm asked if I could Coconut out again and this time to a different small waterfall for a swim for him not me....he is just a 2 year old bundle of energy and fun.

Went to the local fish and chip shop tonight and after this going to watch a movie......hope your day was a great one!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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