Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday 26th March last day down under was a busy one!!!

I wanted to visit these caves
which in my travel research seemed worth seeing so I made the 90 minute detour and was out of the apartment by 8am....the misty haze over the morning mountain!!
The impressive entrance to the caves..
There are 9 guided tours to different caves and I chose the Lucas Cave and I had one hour to wait so I walked around the area very lovely peaceful and serene!!!

The guided tour lasted about 90 minutes and was very informative and the hugeness of the caves is is some information...

Unfortunately the shots in the cave were not very clear here are a few of the best..

It is amazing the force of Mother nature that would create such wonderful and huge caves....
I was back on the road by 1 pm and it took me three hours to get to Sydney and my lovely home stay with Indigo and her Mum Kimball and also Indigo's husband, Gustavo was home from work...he is Mexican and in works in Mexico and commutes to Australia every three months...we had a nice chat before I jumped in the bath tub and got ready for my first Aussie Rules football was the season opener and Indigo and Gustavo kindly drove and I followed to the car park of the train station and they gave me fabulous directions to get to the Sydney Cricket club for the game...First it was a high speed train..
Then a transfer to a local bus which dropped me right outside the stadium real easy and about 45 minutes.
I had a fabulous seat
The opponents from melbourne
then the home town team..
I asked the lady in the seat next to me if she explain the rules and it was easy to follow just keep kicking the ball...
A full house
and away we go..

I did enjoy my first game although it was a blow out for the home team they managed to score over 100 points....getting home was easy the same in reverse and I was home by 11pm and Kimball had tea and a cookie waiting for sweet to end my last evening in Australia!!!
Yashi Kochi!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Safe travels.

mexicokid said...

Thanks so much best wishes les

Carol said...

Well, I have to say I will surely miss our time in Australia and New Zealand!!! What a treat it has been Les!! Thank you so much for all the time you put into chronicling your journey and ALL THE PHOTOS! I know they must be a pain to intersperse and post, but of course they make the blog (well, not that we don't like your writing, but you know what they say about "pictures"!!!). As I have said before, I have been truly blown away by the beauty of Australia... for some reason I thought the entire country was arid like Ayers Rock!! Wrong! And New Zealand was incredible too. All the beach scenes and rain forests are what stand out in my mind. It has been tremendous. But I also hear SA is one of the very most beautiful countries in the world, so I am very much looking forward to the hidden secrets that you will reveal!! Thanks, as always, for taking us along for the ride.... Be safe! Cheers, C

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