Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tuesday 1st March 2016...rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

I would love to tell you that I received an overwhelming response on the Leap Year day but sadly that would be a mis truth..oh well I enjoy my own company!!!!!sorry do not know why the puter is using this type)!!!

It started to rain hard during the night and was still pounding down when I woke up you really cannot tell from this shot but trust me on this!!

I feed the swans every morning!!!
Today was my day to hike into the rain forest which is about 40 minute drive away..I hummed and arrghhh about if I should go or not but the trek I had planned was 17 km and was through the forest under waterfalls and I decided to go for it.
Packed up lots of food drink and dry clothes....and away I went .....it was raining and I was about 20 minutes in driving up this quite steep and narrow mountain pass came round the corner to see this!!!!!
I stopped and asked the guy if he was OK and he said he was but he was just coming down the hill and lost control hit the bank and over...he was not injured and he had a cell and was talking to someone so I left...but got to thinking how suddenly and quickly your life can change he was lucky to walk out of that or what if I had not stopped about 5 minutes before to check my map would I have met him on the corner????
Soon arrived at my destination

I found the look out where the hike was to start
It was here I made a wise decision(I know unusual for me)....but because of the conditions the hard rain I figured the 17 km was too long, my back pack would get soaked because I have forgotten to buy a cover after I lost mine on the Millford Track, so I opted to do the Twin Falls circuit a 6km jaunt!!!
So I started with my great rain jacket on equipped with a hood and a bottle of water and my camera.....

Before I tell you about this hike let me tell new readers that one of my passions outside of sports is waterfalls...I have seen hundreds in many countries and some have been out of this world wellllllll
today was one of those days!!!
These photos do not do the scenery, the power of the falls and the noises justice.....come along with me BUT before you set out with me I do have to warn you especially during rains the leeches come out...
this is what to expect!!

Leech on leaf
Have you ever felt that shiver crawl up your back after you pull off your sock and there IT is – thick, black, shiny and fattened on your blood? The next repulsive thought is how to get it off.
Leeches didn’t always suffer from such a poor image – in the early-1800s they were used as a cure-all for everything from indigestion to syphilis, with very limited success in either situation.
Leeches find their host by detecting vibrations and heat with tiny sense organs. They have suckers on each end as a means of locomotion, but one end contains a mouth. Once attached to their host they use their saw-like jaws to pierce the skin and suck.

Land or aquatic

Australia and South-East Asia are the only known places where leeches live on land, usually in wet or moist forests. These are the kinds most likely to attach themselves to you! The bulk of the world’s recorded leech species are aquatic and become attached when paddling in creeks or rivers.
Australia’s known land species are found on the east coast, east of the Great Dividing Range. It is difficult to distinguish land or aquatic leeches by sight alone and many species are brightly coloured and marked. Australia’s land leeches only have two jaws whereas the world’s other species have three jaws.
Leeches contain a component in their saliva which prevents blood from clotting and allows them to have their fill before dropping off. This anticoagulant can cause a wound to bleed slightly after the leech has been detached. It’s said a leech can suck up to 10 times its own body weight in blood.


Unlike ticks, leeches do not burrow into the skin nor will they leave a poisonous head in the wound. Despite this, many myths abound about removing leeches. The simplest way is with salt: a shake onto the body and most will quickly drop off. Tea tree oil or vinegar dabbed onto the body are also effective alternatives. Less queasy victims may prefer to scorch them with cigarettes or lighters. Otherwise, simply pull the little bloodsuckers off!
It is probably a good idea to get a fresh wad of cotton wool and dab a little tea tree oil onto the open wound to prevent infection. While leeches are not known to spread disease, a particular type of bacteria has been identified in their stomachs which may be passed onto the host.


Today leeches are being used to assist in reducing swelling and clotting in some surgical procedures, particularly microsurgery. For example, when reattaching a severed finger tiny blood vessels in the finger can be blocked by clotted blood. Leeches have been used to remove excess blood and their anticoagulant serum allows the blood vessels to flow freely. More research is needed to fully exploit the potential of the leech.


To avoid leeches try rubbing vulnerable areas with lotions such as tea tree oil-based creams as well as cream insect-repellants. Alternatively, try wearing garters or wear long pants tucked into your socks

Immediately I was at times up to my ankles in mud and rain

Yes I had to cross this and then soon I was down by the falls through and under and behind them it was spectacular!!!!

My apologies to any men named George because that is the name that I gave to all my new friends about 30 for the whole trip...yes I am talking about leeches.....they do not hurt but you see them and I found the best way was just to pull them out and flick them off your finger and a thin trickle of blood shows where they were!!!
Now I had to cross this to get to behind the falls but it was worth it!!!
 Behind the falls..

I really cannot explain how exhilarating this was.......
 The only people I saw were a couple and I asked them to take these shots...this was a huge waterfall!!!

A blue cray fish..

It was well over two hours before I returned to Silver Streak Too completely drenched and I tried and succeeded to  de leech myself and change my clothes and enjoyed a late lunch on the drive home...
It was a most marvelous time and one to remember...
Almost a repeat of the last two nights, shower, dinner, blog and Karin again bringing me some dessert.....and now a movie.
I leave here tomorrow but just going maybe 80 km south but I plan on the way to do another National Park!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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