Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Wednesday 2nd March 2016...moving down the coast a little!!!

I was awake at 6.30am so I made a cup of tea got out the computer and enjoyed my time back in bed doing some more planning for the rest of this week and I am booked till next Monday.....
Said thank yous and goodbyes to Karin and her daughter Finn and was on the road by was sunny and warm.
I was only driving about 50km down the coast but I wanted to do another waterfall hike on the way...I deliberated between doing the 17km hike that I was going to do yesterday or a new hike in a different National park and I opted to go to the new park
The drive was OK for the start but then it was 24km of very narrow and winding roads

 there was not much traffic coming the other way but you still needed to have your wits about great sight as I rounded  a bend was this lovely animal now I do not know if it is a kangaroo or a wallaby it was quite small..
WE had a staring contest going on.....notice anything about the shot above???
You are just thinking NO just a roo......well you are quite WRONG......look again!!!

Look who is hanging around!!!!!

Just to see this made my whole day what a thrill!!!
I chose to do a 10km hike and I was a smart boy this time and covered my arms and legs with insect spray to keep Goerge(leeches) at bay and true to form as soon as I set out into the quiet and lovely forest the heavens opened and it poured.
This hike was on a level path but a bit slippery good job I had my pole.....I think after yesterday's expedition anything would have been a bit tame today and this track was...really just through the dense forest and when I did get to the waterfall it took some scrambling over rocks to get a few shots and with the rain pounding down I did not stay around..

To be honest I was feeling that I wished I had done the other hike in the other Park but too late continued to rain until I almost reached the starting point and then the sun came out......
I checked myself out and was George free(or so I thought) but soaked so I changed all my clothes before the 70 minute drive to Cudgen where I have an apartment booked for two nights!!

I arrived after 5pm and Catherine and Tim were waiting for me they own and live on a fruit farm and the grounds as you will see in a minute are lovely.

There is only one way to describe the apartment 10 star!!!!!!!! Really elegant and everything  and I mean everything thought of including goodies and fresh eggs in the fridge...

If this was not enough the place also comes with a buddy, Barney!!!!!
We went for a stroll around the property...

and the view at the end of the driveway!!

Even though I am  in the country it is only 5 minute drive to the coast and where I intend to explore, hike, swim and surf, yes the apartment comes with a boogie board, tomorrow!!!
My evenings seem to be the exact same so I will not bore you with telling you about the long hot shower,(where I discovered that three Georges(leeches) were attached to my ankle...soon got rid of them) lovely dinner, writing the blog and then tea and a movie..... because it is just repetitive!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!


Carol said...

So beautiful!! And love the mama and baby... how sweet. :)

I am blown away by the beauty of Australia... I really had no idea.

One question... what is the bright pink plant you photographed? Love it and wonder if it would grow in Mexico.

Thanks if you can find out!

Cheers... C

mexicokid said...

I will ask tomorrow but i think I saw them on the coast in Mexico when I used to visit my friends....the roo photo is my best I love it too.....yes a very diverse and lovely country blessings les

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